On Changing Organizational Cultures by Injecting New Ideologies: The Power of Stories.

Author(s), Title and Publication: Wines, W. A., & Hamilton III, J. B. (2009). On changing organizational cultures by injecting new ideologies: The power of stories. Journal of Business Ethics, 89(3), 433-447. Summary Organization culture is an organization’s invisible, intangible, yet most powerful force. Occasionally, organizations will need to initiate a change of organization culture, at […]

Creating Corporate Cultures Through Mythopoeic Leadership

Topic: Corporate Culture Author(s), Title and Publication Jarnagin, C., & Slocum Jr., J. W. (2007). Creating Corporate Cultures Through Mythopoeic Leadership. Organizational Dynamics, 36(3), 288-302. Summary This essay introduced the concept of Mythopoeic Leadership as a framework for leaders to develop a robust corporate culture that drives employees to consistently make heroic efforts. Culture has […]