Forging a New Frontier in Public Relations Research: Introducing the Research Journal of the Institute for Public Relations

This article outlines the major aims and goals of the Research Journal of the Institute for Public Relations, a new, open-access, double-blind, peer reviewed rapid publication. It explains how the RJ-IPR can help the Institute continue to build a bridge between the academy and the practice while exploring what IPR likes to call the science beneath the art of public relations.™ The article also reviews the prestige, strengths and limitations of online, scholarly journals, the role they can plan and the impact they can have in a variety of academic discipline.

Timothy Coombs

State of Crisis Communication: Evidence and the Bleeding Edge

Dr. W. Timothy Coombs of the University of Central Florida provides guidance for crisis communicators by describing what researchers have found to be the most effective crisis communication practices, including contemporary concerns such as the role played by social media.