Designing and Implementing Your Communication’s Dashboard: Lessons Learned

The author has designed hundreds of dashboards for communications professionals. This work has involved developing and testing questions that help communications professionals articulate their definitions of excellence. The purpose of this paper is to outline the techniques used to help define priorities as well as to discuss specific examples of how dashboards worked for different […]

Putting PR Measurement and Evaluation Into Historical Perspective

2005 – There has been a good deal of attention in recent years on how important it is to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of public relations programs and activities. Dozens of articles, booklets and reports have been published giving advice and counsel on how PR practitioners might more effectively build research, measurement and evaluation […]

Let’s Put Meaning Into Public Relations Research

August 2001 – There is an important message in all this for America’s policymakers, government and business leaders in general and for those of us in public relations more specifically. That message is: Don’t look to the polls, or to any other information or intelligence which you may gather either on-line or off-line, for a […]

Social Capital as a Measure of Public Relations Impact

Public relations professionals are regularly asked to provide evidence of impact. Indicators or measures such as ROI, reputation rankings, website analytics, media hits, and other measures are used to show that public relations adds tangible value to organizations. I would like to offer an additional method to show how public relations serves organizations in a […]

Bibliography of Public Relations Measurement

2004 – This bibliography provides the reader with a systematic approach to building knowledge about measurement and evaluation in public relations. It makes no assumptions about the reader’s level of research sophistication. Indeed, the bibliography has been devised to walk the reader through sources from general readers in research and measurement, to the origins of […]

A Primer in Internet Audience Measurement

2004 – There is a growing trend toward people using the Internet to get their news and to investigate particular issues and organizations.  After reading this paper you will be able to evaluate the offerings of the various commercial services that have begun providing data on Internet audiences. You will understand the jargon and how […]

Guidelines and Standards for Measuring the Effectiveness of PR Programs and Activities

1997, 2003 – This guidebook sets minimum standards when it comes to measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of specific short-term PR programs, strategies, activities and tactics against pre-determined outputs, outtakes and outcomes. This is a Gold Standard paper that has been selected by the Commission on Public Relations Measurement & Evaluation for its expert contribution […]

Advertising Value Equivalency

2003 – The idea of Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) has been around for many years. It has generated much debate in the Public Relations industry, with this debate focusing on both its reliability and validity. Many people are attracted to it because it appears able to put a dollar value on media coverage and, by […]

What You Need To Know To Measure Investor Relations

2003 – The goal of this paper is to introduce the basic concepts of investor relations and the measurement of that function. It is intended to be a primer rather than an advanced textbook. Investors and those who influence investors are a multi-dimensional and interconnected constituency. To be effective, investor relations executives need to understand the […]

Measuring Success: Both Externally and Internally

2003 – This presentation, a Sears, Roebuck and Co. case study, was presented by Tom Nicholson at the 2003 International Public Relations Research Conference. It describes the company’s approach to measuring public relations success both externally and internally, and linking the two by demonstrating how improved employee attitudes contribute to improved customer attitudes. Click on […]

Measuring the Effectiveness of Employee Communications

One in five Americans knows and regularly talks with a General Motors employee. Employee contact is one of the most credible sources of information about the company and the products. So how does GM measure the effectiveness of employee communications? This presentation offers a case study. Click on the preview below to advance to the […]