How Symmetrical Employee Communication Leads to Employee Engagement and Positive Employee Communication Behaviors

Author(s), Title and Publication Kang, M., & Sung, M. (2017). How symmetrical employee communication leads to employee engagement and positive employee communication behaviors. Journal of Communication Management, 21(1), 82-102. DOI:10.1108/JCOM-04-2016-0026 Summary For their insider perspective, employees are considered unique and authentic ambassadors for organizations. Whether the message is favorable or not, the employee experience, and the information […]

Internal Stakeholders: Walking the Walk or just Talking the Talk?

Author(s), Title and Publication Brunton, M., Eweje, G., & Taskin, N. (2017). Internal stakeholders: Walking the walk or just talking the talk? Business Strategy and the Environment, 26, 31-48. DOI: 10.1002/bse.I1889 Summary While organizations recognize the need to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable initiatives, the research focus is more often on communicating […]

Organizational Blogging: A Case Study of a Corporate Weblog from an Employee Perspective

Author, Title and Publication Agerdal-Hjermind, A. (2014). Organizational blogging: a case study of a corporate weblog from an employee perspective. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 19 (1), 34 – 51. Summary This study examined the usage and implications of blogging in a corporate communication context from an employee’s perspective. The author considered the blog as […]

Pulling Ads, Making Apologies: Lowe’s Use of Facebook to Communicate with Stakeholders

Summary When Lowe’s pulled its advertising from the TLC program All-American Muslim, critics from both sides responded. Some organized a boycott of the home improvement giant, and others applauded the decision. Lowe’s posted a response and apology on Facebook to only step further into a heated controversy as thousands of comments, many vitriolic, were posted […]

Appropriateness and acceptability: Employee perspectives of internal communication

Topic: Internal Communication Author(s), Title and PublicationWelch, M. (2012) Appropriateness and acceptability: Employee perspectives of internal communication. Public Relations Review, 38(2), 246-254. SummaryInternal communication is effective when appropriate messages reach employees in formats useful and acceptable to them. This study explored employees’ perceptions of the formats of internal communication (i.e., print, electronic, and face-to-face), and […]

Using Classic Social Media Cases to Distill Ethical Guidelines for Digital Engagement

Bowen, Shannon A. (2013). Using classic social media cases to distill ethical guidelines for digital engagement. Journal of Mass Media Ethics: Exploring Questions of Media Morality, 28(2), 119-133. SummaryThrough systematic case analyses of much-discussed social media cases, both negative aspects and best practices of social media use are revealed. Ethical theory is applied to these […]

How companies cultivate relationships with publics on Social Network Sites: Evidence from China and the United States

Men, Linjuan Rita, & Tsai, Wan-Hsiu Sunny (2011). How companies cultivate relationships with publics on Social Network Sites: Evidence from China and the United States. Public Relations Review, 38(5), 723-730. Summary The popularity of Social Network Sites (SNSs) has become a worldwide phenomenon. Organizations are now building and maintaining SNS public pages to improve their […]

Online brand communities: New public relations challenges through social media

Fröhlich, Romy & Schöller, Clarissa. (2012). Online brand communities: New public relations challenges through social media. In Sandra C. Duhe (ed.), New media and public relations (2nd ed., pp. 86-95).  New York: Peter Lang Publishing Inc. Summary With the advent of the social web, online brand communities (BCs) have spread rapidly. But, what exactly is […]

Research for Public Relations: Is Transparency Good for Business?

Does academic research matter to public relations practitioners? Do not be afraid. Come into the light with me, a non-PhD practitioner who finds value in academic research. In the weeks ahead, I will seek out quality academic and other research, drawing insights for communications practitioners. When activists target an organization, typically the corporate communications function […]