Apologize, Deny, Justify or Excuse?

A crisis response that’s good for the CEO may not be good for the corporation. In a networked world, company response to a crisis has become key to institutional reputation. Companies are judged not only on what happened but how they managed the crisis itself. Thirty-some years later Johnson & Johnson continues to get credit […]

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Bringing out the Best in People

When the purpose of a public relations campaign is to encourage honest behavior, what really works? In The Wall Street Journal last week, Dan Ariely, the James B. Duke professor of behavioral economics at Duke University, shared lessons from his forthcoming book, “The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone—Especially Ourselves.” Few people […]

Reputation = Performance + Behavior + Communications

Former IPR Trustee Björn Edlund mounts a spirited defense of focusing on reputation.  He responds to a column in The Economist that “says it is wrong for companies to aim at leveraging its reputation – or even to regard reputation as a corporate asset.” Read Björn’s piece on the Arthur W. Page Society blog. Frank […]

Brain Science and Public Relations Listening

Why do we get such a kick out of focusing on ourselves? Thirty to 40 percent of human speech informs others about ourselves.  Eighty percent or more of social media posts announce our own experiences or views.  Nine-month-old babies already try to draw the attention of others to things they find important in their environments.  […]

“Glocalization” of China’s Public Relations Market

The following post is excerpted from an article in PR Magazine, published by the China International Public Relations Association. 2003: The arrival of a turning point If 10 years can be considered as a generation, international firms were no doubt the backbone of the first generation of PR companies in China from the mid-1980s to […]

Measurement Jumps to 9% of Corporate PR Budgets

Research budgets are up, organizations increasingly evaluate outcomes instead of outputs, and the way companies measure PR is related to indicators of success. These are just some of the powerful insights about what appears to be a transformation of PR measurement and evaluation provided by USC Annenberg’s Generally Accepted Practices (GAP) for Public Relations study. […]

Criticism Keeps You on Your Toes

The following has been adapted from a January 2012 interview with van Riel in www.managementboek.nl , based on his book “The Alignment Factor.” Alignment is building long-term relationships with all internal and external stakeholders, those you depend on as an organisation. Where reputation is a means, alignment is an end. Communication staff are focusing increasingly […]

Legendary Research Conference, Stunning Venue

The organizers of Bledcom, the legendary international public relations research conference at Lake Bled, Slovenia, have released the program for 2012. The July 6-7 conference breaks into two tracks focused on academic and corporate research.  Current and former IPR Trustees, Research Fellows and commission members appearing the program include Don Wright, Rob Wakefield, Ansgar Zerfass, […]

Internal Consulting: Research on New Roles for PR Professionals

Internal consulting as a part of the role of communication professionals within organizations has been discussed by a number of researchers. But what does “consulting” in this context mean? Who are clients, what is the content? Which objectives, forms, and specifications are relevant? A recent research project conducted in Germany addresses these questions. We have […]

Developing Risk-Literate Communications Professionals

Careers in reputation management, public relations and corporate communications can be made or broken during times of crises. Communications practitioners who want more than a seat at the press-release end of the table should consider expanding their knowledge beyond communications to incorporate an understanding of the theory and research around risk communications. A compelling case […]

Numbers Add Up For PR History Conference

Twenty countries represented by 36 papers on the history of public relations shows that this “niche” area of study is becoming an important field of research. That’s the basic math of the abstracts for this year’s International History of Public Relations Conference to be held at Bournemouth University in England on July 11-12. The submissions […]