Stacks on Research

This is my first entry in what I hope will become a reoccurring event, most likely several times a month blog.  I’ve blogged before—on measurement in particular—and stopped when I realized the only ones following me were other measurement bloggers for the same organization (which will remain anonymous).  So, why a blog now?  Is it […]

Spotting Bad Research

At an Institute for Public Relations Board meeting earlier this month, Trustee Maril MacDonald suggested that IPR might provide guidance to practitioners on how to identify bad research. That could be a mission in itself for IPR. But I decided to start by asking our Research Fellows what they would advise. Here is the wisdom […]

Practitioner Attitudes and Social Media Adoption

As the world continues to go digital and a new social media buzzword seems to appear every day, PR practitioners are trying to keep up with an incredibly fast-paced and always changing industry. Digital and social media have started to transform the practice of public relations, but overall there is very limited research that explains […]

Mapping mommy bloggers: Using online social network analysis to study publics

Stansberry, Kathleen (2011). Mapping mommy bloggers: Using online social network analysis to study publics. PRism 8(2), 1-14. Much of the research in public relations makes assumptions about the concept of publics without addressing the ambiguity of the term. More research is needed to better understand the complex nature of publics. This is particularly important given […]

Building a Business Case for CSR

Many organizations have embraced some form of corporate citizenship, social responsibility or sustainability for years, some even for generations. But for many organizations such activities have been considered voluntary or even a luxury. So is there a real business case for corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Let’s look at three significant pieces of work by academics […]

Are Surveys Broken?

Is the survey mechanism broken? Few would argue that it hasn’t been damaged by a number of factors in recent years. With that in mind, I read a May speech by Scott Keeter, director of survey research for the Pew Research Center, delivered in his capacity as president of the American Association for Public Opinion […]

Letting Employees Let Go

IPR Trustee Keith Burton brought to my attention research reported in The New York Times and characterized by New York University Professor Dalton Conley as showing that “giving workers time to chill helps ultimate long-term productivity.” Harvard Professor Leslie A. Perlow, author of “Sleeping With Your Smartphone” (Harvard Business Review Press, 2012), surveyed 1,600 managers […]

ROI – The Miami Debate

Measurement and evaluation of communications is an enduring discussion in public relations research and practice. Recently, there has been a move to adopt business and management concepts and language in order to demonstrate the outcomes of PR activity and to demonstrate the creation of value to organizations, brands and reputation. At the recent International Public […]

JetBlue, MWW Group Take a Bite Out of Big Apple Awards

JetBlue Airways and MWW Group accepted the 2012 Big Apple’s Best Use of Research and Measurement Award for their work on “Flight Plan for the Future: JetBlue Preserves Its Direct Relationship with Pilots”. Sponsored by the Institute for Public Relations (IPR), IPR Measurement Commission members Marianne Eisenmann, Frank Walton and Mark Weiner selected this campaign […]

What are Standards for Public Relations Research, and Why Do We Need Them?

In my last post, I talked about the process being used by the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards, a process built upon the recommendations of the International Organization for Standardization. This week, I would like to discuss why we need standards, what a standard is (and is not), the benefits of standards, and the […]

Defining a Process for Public Relations Research Standards

Last week, three major steps toward standards for public relations research and measurement were unveiled by the Coalition Public Relations Research Standards (CPRRS), a collaborative effort of the Council of Public Relations Firms (CPRF), the Global Alliance, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC), […]