Forrest W. Anderson

Tips for More Successful Surveys

The following post is from Forrest Anderson’s blog, Reputation, Research, Relationships and Messages. Additional comments and tips are strongly encouraged.  Surveys, when done properly, are a great way to gather the kind of information you can use to create communications campaigns that achieve business objectives. They are based on real information and insight into the target […]

PR, Behavioral Economics & School Cafeterias

As PR professionals, we are always facing the next campaign to change the hearts and minds of our constituencies, and indeed, we are always looking for ways to be more effective in changing the behaviors of our target audiences. Take, for example changing the eating behaviors of our children in light of childhood obesity.  While […]

Global Alliance Logo

Sharing Global Alliance Research

My first dabble in collaboration on a global scale with stakeholders came with the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management (GA) tackling the issue of ethics by researching whether a global code of ethics was feasible and desirable to strengthen the profession.  With the help of an international task force we examined the […]

Rules for Wikipedia Editing for Public Relations

Determining how to best handle Wikipedia entries when you are in public relations remains challenging. Wikipedia articles continue to load at the top in search results as Wikipedia remains the sixth most popular website in the world. This makes it a site not to be ignored, and the impact of Wikipedia can be especially profound […]

Steps to a Social-Enabled Enterprise (Part II)

This is a follow up to Rachelle Spero’s previous blog post: Social-Enabled Enterprise for Employee Engament. The corporate adoption of social technologies for employee engagement is a complex issue as many companies still struggle with how best to activate employees externally to help the company build trust, credibility, reputation, awareness, authority, education or relationships with […]

PR Research & Measurement Standards Available for Download

This month, four major corporations – GE, GM, McDonald’s USA and Southwest Airlines – adopted a set of interim metrics proposed by the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards. Those standards, focusing on traditional media measurement, social media measurement, return on investment and the communications lifecycle, are now available for free download: The Standards Summary […]

Social-Enabled Enterprise for Employee Engagement (Part I)

This is part one of a two-part blog for the Institute for Public Relations Organizational Communication Research Center. Social technologies such as blogging, chats, crowdsourcing, wikis, ratings, reviews, discussion forums, and even social gaming are transforming the company intranet from a transactional file-sharing server to an employee-driven communications network that is tightly connected to business […]

Engaging Employees: Effectiveness of Traditional vs. New Media Channels

The Web 2.0 era has changed the basic landscape of communication, including that of the internal communication of companies. Organizations today can access various communication tools for reaching and engaging employees, ranging from traditional print publications (such as newsletters, magazines, and posters) to phone calls, intranets, face-to-face communication, and emails to Web 2.0 tools (such […]

Future Trends in Measurement and Evaluation

In a recent book chapter*, Fraser Likely and Professor Tom Watson discussed public relations measurement and evaluation practices over the past 40 Years. In this extract from the chapter, they look to the future. The debate over valid methods of measurement and evaluation of public relations has a considerable history. It is characterised by the […]

Using Research is Key for Solving Employee Communication Problems

Information for this post was adapted with permission from PR News’ Employee Communications Guidebook, Vol. 4. Copies are available digitally and in print at Effective public relations begins with excellent employee communications. However, with the distressingly low levels of trust among the new generation of digitally savvy workers who seek more involvement in decision-making, […]

It’s Not Big Data, It’s Analytics

As I mentioned in my last blog, PR luminaries, including Paul Holmes, are calling for practitioners to tap into “Big Data.” The Summer 2013, Issue of Kellogg Magazine (published by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University) includes “Embracing a Big Data Mindset ” in which Florian Zettelmeyer, professor of marketing at Kellogg and an […]

There’s Improvement, but Problems with Wikipedia’s Bright Line Rule Continue

Wikipedia and public relations professionals have a long history. Since at least 2006, Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, has asked public relations professionals to follow the “bright line” rule and make requests for changes to their company or client’s Wikipedia page through “Talk” pages instead of directly editing. In 2012, I conducted a survey of […]