Part II- The Second Tenet of Conscious Capitalism: Stakeholder Integration

In a previous post (see The Role of Public Relations in Conscious Capitalism), I introduced the four tenets of conscious capitalism as outlined by Whole Foods Co-CEO John Mackey and Conscious Capitalism, Inc. co-founder Raj Sisodia in their 2013 book, Conscious Capitalism.  There, I discussed the role of public relations in helping organizations enact the […]

Employee relations in Land of 10,000 Lakes: Is there something in the water?

On April 1, the Minnesota Twins opened the 2013 baseball season. The day’s high temperature was 33 degrees. Not a great way to start, but as is always true on opening day, everywhere, there are high hopes for a winning year. The Twins have already won one 2013 accolade. They were named one of the […]

Wikipedia and PR – Deciding what to do just got more difficult

The issue of public relations professionals editing Wikipedia is back in the spotlight following an article that accused BP of “rewriting environmental record on Wikipedia.” For years now, Wikipedia has asked public relations professionals not to directly edit articles of their company or clients. This is because they believe that public relations professionals have a […]

Cayce Myers

Litigation and Public Relations: Four Questions Every Practitioner Should Ask

This is a summary of the research Cayce Myers presented at this year’s International Public Relations Research Conference. Increasingly public relations practitioners are confronted with clients who have not only PR problems, but legal ones as well.  One of the major issues of having a client facing or embroiled in a lawsuit is determining what […]

Insights from Practitioner Research

IPR Trustees occasionally send me research conducted by their organizations with implications for public relations practice.  Here are a few insights from studies released recently.  *         *         * APCO Worldwide’s new Champion Brands index is based on a survey of 70,000 people in 15 countries.  What I found particularly interesting – and encouraging – was […]

Edlund To Be First Hamilton Medal Recipient From Outside U.S.

GAINESVILLE, FL —Björn Edlund will receive the Institute for Public Relations’ (IPR) Alexander Hamilton Medal for contributions to public relations practice and effective use of research, Nov. 21 at the Annual Distinguished Lecture & Awards Dinner in New York City.  Edlund, chairman, Europe, Middle East and Africa for Edelman, will be the first Hamilton Medal […]

Stacks on Research

This is my second installment on research.  I just spent a wonderful three days directing the 16th Annual International Public Relations Research Conference and chairing my first meeting of the IPR Measurement Commission.  Although I am not going to report here on either, on reflection I find that a focus on basic research is needed […]

Differentiating Between Internships and Fellowships

For graduate and undergraduate students alike, internships and fellowships offer an accelerated route to a successful career in public relations.  While the terms are often used interchangeably, fellowships and internships are different.  In this post, we briefly differentiate “internship” from “fellowship” before focusing on fellowships generally and the Grunig PRIME Research Fellowship in particular.  Information […]

Dan Ariel Talks about Pain of Paying

Dan Ariely of the Duke University Fuqua School (and one of my favorite behavioral economists) posted a new video last week on “The Pain of Paying.”  There are lessons here about encouraging desired outcomes by adapting communication to the realities of how people think about paying for stuff. That’s not to say manipulating them to […]

Apply for Analytical Insights Internship at Ketchum

GAINESVILLE, FL- Graduate or doctoral students looking for a summer internship in research and analytics should consider applying for the opportunity to intern with Ketchum through the Ketchum Excellence in Public Relations Research Award. The position will be based in New York City. Winners receive a $7,500 stipend to work at the Ketchum Global Research […]

Don Stacks Elected Chair of IPR Measurement Commission, Launches Stacks on Research

GAINESVILLE, FL –  Three things bug Don W. Stacks as a judge of hundreds of public relations awards entries:  confusion about goals and objectives, too little knowledge of the advantages of different data-gathering methods, and the inability to first define and then evaluate success in a campaign.  These points come from the first post on […]