Where AVEs came from?

Research from Professor Tom Watson of Bournemouth University in England places the emergence of AVEs to about 80 years ago. He recently published his research in Public Relations Review from where you can obtain a full copy of his paper. This is a summary of how AVEs emerged and became part of PR practice. As […]

The Science beneath the Art of Communications Research – Update, Spring 2013

Paul Holmes’ May 3rd blog, “10 Ways to Design the PR Agency of the Future,” (recently summarized here at IPR Conversations by Alyssa Hubbell on June 26th) challenged PR to put “big data at the center” and to provide “insight to drive meaningful creativity.” The scope of that challenge is hard to overstate, and it […]

HIV Campaign Recognized for Best Use of Research

Each year, the Institute for Public Relations partners with the New York Chapter of PRSA to recognize public relations campaigns with exceptional integration of research, measurement and evaluation. Of all the Big Apple Award winners, one is recognized with IPR’s “Best Use of Research, Measurement and Evaluation Award.” Addressing the challenges surrounding European women with […]

Apply for Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award for Excellent PR Research & Measurement

GAINESVILLE, FL  – The 2013 Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award is now open for entry.  The award recognizes superb examples of public relations research, measurement and evaluation.   Sponsored by the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission, the Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award seeks to recognize research excellence in the field of public relations practice […]

The Evolution of the CSR Function

This research was conducted as part of a capstone project through the M.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication program at New York University. Corporate social responsibility is still a relatively new corporate function that continues to evolve. As companies begin to assess and measure the effects their CSR programs have on the business’s reputation […]

Employee Voice—Moderated by Urgency and Trust

Business leaders say they want candid feedback and opinions from their employees, but for the most part, that’s too risky a proposition for the employees. We’ve all heard the reality too clearly – not a team player, being negative, fear of change. Vicki Cox Edmondson and George Munchus (2007) of the University of Alabama (Roll […]

What business leaders should expect of their employee communications programs

GAINESVILLE, FL –Business leaders can find new insights on what to expect from their employee communications programs in a new study entitled, “Best-In-Class Practices in Employee Communication: Through the Lens of 10 Global Leaders.” Created by the Institute for Public Relations’ Commission on Organizational Communication and conducted by KRC Research, the study features in-depth interviews […]

Employment Brands – To Thine Own Self Be True

It stands to reason, and many studies have shown, that employees who are proud of their company are more engaged, stay longer and work harder. They improve innovation, productivity, safety and shareholder returns. My own company’s recent employee satisfaction survey showed a strong link between employees’ level of pride and their willingness to go “above […]

Why You Want Happy People Looking at Your Infographic

Visual data is more effective for readers who are already feeling a positive emotion, according to recently published research from Ph.D. student Lane Harrison. In a blog for the Harvard Business Review “Don’t Read Infographics When You’re Feeling Anxious,” Nicholas Diakopoulos describes the correlation between a reader’s emotions and comprehension of the visual data. Diakopoulos […]

Reputation and PR: A Follow-Up

In response to Tom Watson’s post in IPR’s Research Conversations blog on May 28, I agree that reputation resides in the minds of one’s stakeholders and it is they who grant the benefits of a good reputation based upon their direct and indirect experiences with the organization in question.  For PR, I wonder about the […]