Ketchum Excellence in PR Research Award

Ketchum Excellence in Public Relations Research Award


Applications are due by February 28, 2014.
Winner notification is March 25, 2014.


The program is intended to bring a public relations/communications or business school graduate student onto Ketchum’s premises for an important work experience, allowing the grad student to have a major practical experience and learn what “research that matters to the practice” means. The resulting research paper will be published on the Institute website.


Ketchum in cooperation with the Institute for Public Relations.

Award Content

  • $7,500 ten-week public relations research internship with Ketchum in New York City during the summer of 2014.
  • Intern will report to Jocelyn Jackson, Project Manager, Ketchum.
  • The successful candidate will work an average of a 40-hour workweek with Ketchum Global Research & Analytics on a variety of assignments.
  • At the end of this experience, the Fellow will produce a research paper intended for practitioners – not an academic paper, though appropriately rigorous.  The Fellow may consider priority topic areas of IPR (see Research Prospectus download), though other topics will be acceptable providing that the paper is successful through one of the standard vetting processes for publication on the IPR website. 
  • Development of a nontraditional component (infographic, video, etc.) to present the aforementioned research to practitioner.
  • The Fellow will receive a $2,500 stipend for the research paper after it has been accepted for publication by IPR.

Who May Apply

Graduate students majoring in public relations, communications, business, or research who have completed at least one year of study towards a Masters or Ph.D. degree and one research methodology course.

Required Application Materials

  • Application Form
  • Statement of Interest explaining why you feel you should be considered for the Ketchum Excellence in PR Research Award.
  • Research Prospectus that outlines the type of research project you contemplate designing and carrying out, should you be awarded the grant.
  • An Endorsement/Sponsorship Statement from the professor who would serve as your faculty advisor in connection with the grant. This should be emailed directly to Jenn Moyer by the professor.
  • A resume of public relations-related work/research experience and/or other pertinent experience.

Address for Submissions: Email to Jenn Moyer

Selection Process

Will be done by a panel of distinguished public relations researchers, educators and practitioners. The top two candidates will be interviewed by Ketchum, preferably in person. Ketchum is seeking someone who exhibits exceptional intellect in the field of PR research and measurement, yet who can also serve as a valued member of the staff in the NY office during the 10-week internship. Complete fluency in written and spoken English is critical for the successful candidate.

David Rockland, Ketchum, with Jocelyn Jackson, Ketchum, and KEPRRA winner Sarab Kochhar, University of Florida

David Rockland, Ketchum, with Jocelyn Jackson, Ketchum, and KEPRRA winner Sarab Kochhar, University of Florida