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The Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission develops and promotes standards and best practices for research, measurement, and analytics that contribute to ethical, strategic, and effective public relations. [More about the IPR Measurement Commission]

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  • Are We Measuring the Right Things?
    Assigning specific value to work in public relations is never simple. The challenges were under a spotlight at the recent Summit on Measurement organized by the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC), where delegates from 35 countries shared, discussed and debated strategies to provide meaningful measurement. As...more
  • Stacks Best Practices ApproachIndustry Leaders Take a Stand for PR Research
    Last month, leading communicators gathered in New York City at the PRSA and PRIME Research Strategic Corporate Communications and Research Conference to share how public relations professionals can improve their return on investment by using strategic research approaches. The speaker lineup featured several Institute for Public Relations (IPR) representatives. GE Uses...more
  • Bill Paarlberg with David GeddesMeasurement Standards: Present, Future and Meaning
    First published in The Measurement Standard, this is an interview by Editor Bill Paarlberg with David Geddes, Managing Director of Geddes Analytics and past Chair of the IPR Measurement Commission of the Institute for Public Relations. He is Chair of the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards, the group of industry...more
  • Georgia Russia via Google MapsGeorgian PR Club Takes Development of PR Capabilities Seriously!
    I had an opportunity to address the Georgian PR Club (Russia) via Skype earlier in April, as a guest of Berdia Natsvlishvili who heads up the Club of PR leaders that gathers regularly in Tbilisi. Berdia is also Country Director for PH International Georgia and has stayed connected with Dennis Wilcox,...more
  • Credo for Public Relations: The Role of Evaluation and Measurement
    Now aged 90, I commenced public relations practice in 1947 on my return from service with the Royal Marine Commandos. I am the only Founding Father of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and International Public Relations Association still alive. At the close of my 66-year-long career I wish to...more

Measurement Commission

Commission membership consists of more than two dozen research thought leaders with representation from corporations and non-profits, public relations firms, research providers and university faculties. Commission members have produced books and dozens of articles about public relations measurement and evaluation. Commission members are regular speakers at seminars and conferences, advocating for research and evaluation that demonstrates the effectiveness of public relations. [IPR Measurement Commission Members]