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The Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission develops and promotes standards and best practices for research, measurement, and analytics that contribute to ethical, strategic, and effective public relations. [More about the IPR Measurement Commission]

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  • Molly McKennaMaking It Matter
    This is the fifth in a series of five blog posts for Measurement Week. Recent studies note that communications professionals have one of the most stressful jobs.  With limited resources, crises and issues to manage and budgets that often pale in comparison to the ad spend, it’s not easy. And taking time to measure...more
  • David GeddesIt All Starts with Theory
    This is the fourth in a series of five blog posts for Measurement Week. In my professional practice, speaking engagements, training seminars, and teaching, we always begin with a look at communications theory and models of communications. Bear with me before dismissing this approach as overly academic or, well, too “theoretical.” Why begin here? First,...more
  • Pauline Draper-WattsThe Value Proposition for the Digital Landscape
    This is the third in a series of five blog posts for Measurement Week. With more money being invested into digital programs, there has never been a more important time to be asking critical questions to ensure that the investment is appropriate to the organization. A McKinsey Global Survey found that “many respondents agree that...more
  • Forrest W. AndersonMeasurable Objective Is Critical to Successful Evaluation
    This is the second in a series of five blog posts for Measurement Week. I have argued for most of my career that the single most important thing people need to remember when measuring the impact of a communications program is their definition of impact, which should come from the initial, measurable objectives of the...more
  • Frank OvaittHow Did We Get to Measurement Week?
    This is the first in a series of five blog posts for Measurement Week. We’re getting there.  But how have we gotten to Measurement Week, which starts today? The simple answer is:  The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC) organized interested parties around the world to focus on the gap between understanding...more

Measurement Commission

Commission membership consists of more than two dozen research thought leaders with representation from corporations and non-profits, public relations firms, research providers and university faculties. Commission members have produced books and dozens of articles about public relations measurement and evaluation. Commission members are regular speakers at seminars and conferences, advocating for research and evaluation that demonstrates the effectiveness of public relations. [IPR Measurement Commission Members]