IPR Measurement Commission

Setting the Standards for Public Relations Research

The Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission develops and promotes standards and best practices for research, measurement, and analytics that contribute to ethical, strategic, and effective public relations. [More about the IPR Measurement Commission]

Latest Research

  • Irreversible: The Public Relations Big Data Revolution
    Download Full White Paper (PDF): Irreversible: The Public Relations Big Data Revolution Download Big Data Infographic: Irreversible: The Public Relations Big Data Revolution Infographic IPR Measurement Commission presents their latest white paper "Irreversible: the Public Relations Big Data Revolution." Today the amount of data organizations collect is unprecedented, and it can be difficult...more
  • Guidelines for Measuring Trust in Organizations (Updated)
    Download (PDF): Guidelines for Measuring Trust in Organizations (updated 2013) Introduction In 2003, a coalition of organizations representing 50,000 public relations and communications professionals gathered in New Jersey to discuss ways to restore trust in American business. Buffeted by scandal and crisis since the Enron debacle, the average citizen’s belief in the integrity...more
  • Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement & Research, Third Edition, Russian Translation
    The Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research has become one of the most popular papers the Institute for Public Relations has ever published. This third edition is translated into Russian by Katerina Tsetsura, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, Anna Klyueva, Ph.D., University of Houston-Clear Lake, and Anna Kochigna, PRIME Research. It covers an...more
  • How to Apply Barcelona Principles 2.0
    Video produced by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) and Ketchum Global Research and Analytics.  This video was created and directed by Jocelyn Jackson, a Senior Project Manager at Ketchum with the guidance of David B. Rockland, Ph.D., Partner/CEO, Global Research & Analytics at Ketchum and the...more
  • Katie PainePaine Publishing’s Guide to Commonly Used Metrics
    This guest blog post appears courtesy of Paine Publishing.  Dowload PDF: Paine Publishing's Guide to Commonly Used Metricseasurement Techniques...more

Latest Conversations

  • Mark WeinerThe Death of PR Data. Long Live Insights.
    The Strategic Research Conference hosted by the Institute for Public Relations and PRIME Research on June 9th in New York City, prompts this perspective on the evolution of research-based public relations and the science beneath the art. Year after year, more and more money flows into PR and social analytics...more
  • PR Crossroads: Four Ways to Navigate Measurement in the Future
    The practice of Public Relations is approaching a crossroads in its relationship with the marketing function - a crossroad not dissimilar to the 1990s when the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) concept was first introduced. Although many professionals today see the need for change they are conflicted between reputation and marketing functions....more
  • IPR Measurement Commission Judging Guidelines
    Prepared by IPR Measurement Commission Members Mark Weiner, CEO of PRIME Research, and John Gilfeather, Executive Vice President of Koski Research. Each year, hundreds of public relations professionals compete for the recognition and rewards that come with winning industry awards. As professionals seeking to reward “the best of the best,” we...more
  • Impressions Are A Sham: The Path to Better Media Metrics
    Impressions are definitely not what they seem. At first, they were used as a foundational unit of measure for publishers and advertisers, who built an entire economy negotiating to buy impressions by the thousands. They then evolved into a lingua franca of marketing measurement, providing a comparable way to evaluate reach...more
  • Wake Up and Smell the Outcomes
    The year 2015 was a huge one for PR Measurement. The Barcelona Principles were updated from their initial unveiling in 2010, “Measurement Week” was expanded to a full “Measurement Month” and we finally solved the #1 pain point keeping people up at night - ROI. Ok… maybe the last one...more

Measurement Commission

Commission membership consists of more than two dozen research thought leaders with representation from corporations and non-profits, public relations firms, research providers and university faculties. Commission members have produced books and dozens of articles about public relations measurement and evaluation. Commission members are regular speakers at seminars and conferences, advocating for research and evaluation that demonstrates the effectiveness of public relations. [IPR Measurement Commission Members]