The Evolution of Public Relations: Case Studies from Countries in Transition (First Edition)

Public relations in one country is not necessarily public relations in another.

The culture, economic environment, political system and customs of one country are not the same as another’s. And since culture, economic and political systems and customs influence how organizations and institutions communicate with their publics or stakeholders, what is effective communication in one country won’t necessarily work in another.

Most of the published, and thus readily available, case studies of public relations draw upon Western experiences, primarily those in the United States of America. But since what works in the United States won’t necessarily work in another country, it is important to develop a body of literature, a collection of case studies, that describes how public relations has been, and can be, practiced in other social, political and economic systems.

We intend this collection to be of particular usefulness to professors and teachers of public relations in non-Western countries and cultures, who so desperately need examples and models with which their students and their countries can identify. We expect that practitioners as well will appreciate the models and case studies we present.

We hope we have created such a cross-cultural, international collection of case studies. We are indebted to the public relations practitioners and educators who have contributed to this collection, for they have made this volume possible.

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