Measuring Public Relations Effectiveness: The Dole Food Company and the Society for Nutrition Education

1995 – The Dole Food Company, in collaboration with the Society for Nutrition Education, developed a CD-ROM program designed to educate third grade students and their teachers about the importance of proper nutrition and the role that eating five servings of fruits or vegetables a day can play in achieving proper nutrition. Third grade students and teachers in 178 classes in 65 schools in five different states were selected by Dole to participate in a “pilot” test of the CD-ROM educational program.

Dole, working in concert with the New York City office of Ketchum Public Relations and the agency’s Research and Measurement Department, was interested in measuring the knowledge, attitude and behavior levels of the teachers and their students, both before and after these audiences were exposed to the CD-ROM educational program, prior to a national rollout.

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