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Journalism Credibility Crisis | Cision 2017 State of the Media Report

This post appears courtesy of Cision. The full study can be found here. With the rise of “fake news,” fact-checking and overall circulation of misinformation, a major trend presented itself in Cision’s 2017 State of the Media Report: journalists are extremely concerned with the public perception of their industry. Insights from 1,550 of North America’s […]

Examining Internal Social Media from an Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective

Internal social media (ISM), also referred to as enterprise social media, serve as critical communication channels for employees to share information and build internal relationships across organizational departments and geographical locations (Madsen & Verhoeven, 2016). Drawing upon previous research on social media and enterprise social media, Madsen (2017) defined internal social media (ISM) as “a […]

Social Exchange and Sense of Community in Intranets: How do Group Norms Affect Internal Communication Behavior?

I’m fascinated by the process of communication inside companies. Each workplace has its own community ethos that online tools can amplify or erode. Social networking platforms in the workplace include instant messaging, blogs, bulletin boards, chatrooms, and listservs. Although the technologies and formats vary, these tools help build a sense of community—feelings of membership, influence, […]

USC Annenberg’s 2017 Global Communications Report Predicts Convergence of Marketing and Public Relations

This study is sponsored in part by The Institute for Public Relations. Download Full Paper (PDF): Global Communications Report (GCR17) The USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations (CPR) has released key findings from its second annual Global Communications Report (GCR17), a comprehensive survey of more than 800 public relations executives from around the world. For […]

Face Time: It’s More Than Face Value

At a time when there are more ways than ever to communicate and connect with and among employees, one way stands out as enduring: face time. Bringing leaders and employees together – face-to-face – is an essential part of a comprehensive employee communications strategy for every organization. We’ve all heard countless data points that attest […]