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The Impact of Communication Technologies on Employees’ Well-Being

Communication technologies influence people’s personal and professional lives tremendously. As Nicole Long, Demand Media said in her article, “How Technology Affects Job Performance,” the use of communication technologies can help streamline organizational processes and improve employees’ productivity if managed effectively. Email, instant messaging, laptops, and mobile phones, are among the most extensive technologies used by […]

Why is Measuring What We Do Still a Challenge?

This is the second in a series of blog posts for Measurement Month. Measurement, measurement, measurement. This term still plagues our industry, and is often in the spotlight as one of the areas where our profession needs improvement. Twenty-five years ago, under the leadership of Jack Felton, the Institute for Public Relations formed the Measurement […]

How the Middle East Is Using Social Media to Transform

If 2016 has brought us anything, it’s the influence of Twitter in driving political discussion. Donald Trump, his followers and the media circle which hangs on every tweet to drive a news story, have evolved what began in 2008 under Barack Obama as the “social media election.” Back then, communities were formed and stories shared; […]

CCOs and Evaluation: Will the Competition Heat Up?

This is the first in a series of blog posts for Measurement Month. With the summer Olympics now in memory only, the eyes of the world are shifting to another international competition, this one involving Chief Communication Officers (CCOs). Which fit and well-trained CCO will top the podiums of AMEC, the GA, PRSA, CIPR, DPRG, PRIA, CPRS, […]

Updating the Generic/Specific Theory of International Public Relations: More Factors to Consider When Practicing in New Markets

This article is the first in a series adapted from Alaimo’s book “Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street: How to Practice Global Public Relations and Strategic Communication.” According to the most well-known theory of international public relations –Verčič, Grunig, and Grunig’s (1996) generic/specific theory –when practicing public relations in a new country or culture, […]

Six Ways Employer Branding Can Improve Internal Communication

Promoting a company or organization’s core values is being hailed as a competitive advantage as part of a movement in the marketing and human resources fields called employer branding (Ambler & Barrow, 1996; Foster, Punjaisri & Cheng, 2010). The motivation behind employer branding programs is improving employee engagement (Fleming & Asplund, 2007) with a focus […]

Five Steps to Build Relationships with Bloggers

Download Full Paper (PDF): Partnerships with bloggers are an attractive strategy for public relations practitioners because they often offer detailed reporting and a type of third-party credibility akin to journalism within niche networks of individuals sharing information about selected topics (Langett, 2013; Ries & Ries, 2002). Blogs have been shown to influence consumers’ purchasing […]

Scholarship Across Borders: IPR’s Contributions to the Global Profession

The contributions of IPR to international public relations began long before the organization started sponsoring multinational research or hosting events outside the United States. Many of my colleagues and their students across the world have accessed, used, and distributed contents available on the Institute’s website. Recently, this global outreach has been expanded with the Research […]