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Blum and Tremarco: Retaining Professionals Who Thrive on Challenge

In any service based industry, client retention and employee retention are inextricably linked. In public relations consultancies, a firm’s success hinges on its employees and the level of service they provide. Their creativity, diligence and intelligence are firms’ most valuable resources. We conducted a study that evaluated and analyzed the factors that contribute to employee […]

New Thinking to Drive the Science of Public Relations

In any true profession, the practitioner deeply understands the importance of research-based knowledge in guiding the work and measuring the results. Recently in Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog, I offered a few insights on new thinking that is driving the science of public relations. These included: More attention to the three kinds of research articulated by […]

Bob Grupp: A Good Example of the World Being Remade

Sir Martin Sorrell touched on many things during his 50-minute Annual Distinguished Lecture to the Institute in November, including public relations in the Middle East. Valued at around $100 million, Sir Martin predicted it will grow by a whopping 200 percent in 2009. “Here’s a good example of the world being remade,” he said. On […]

Roger Hayes: Public Relations and Collaboration

I was very pleased to have been brought out of mothballs by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) to pull together its latest Gold Paper “The Role of Public Relations and Communications supporting Collaboration in a Complex, Converging World.” IPRA President Bob Grupp and I presented this at the Public Relations World Congress in Beijing […]

The Research Case for Corporate Social Responsibility

“High performance and high integrity are good for the bottom line.” In a new section of the Essential Knowledge Project, Robert L. Heath, Ph.D., and Lan Ni, Ph.D. make the case for corporate social responsibility (CSR) based on existing research. While social responsibility may be a timeless concern, the topic began receiving serious management policy […]

Is Public Engagement the Future of Public Relations?

Richard Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman, argues that case in the inaugural event of the University of Maryland’s Grunig Lecture Series, sponsored by the Institute for Public Relations. Edelman believes that communications strategy and programming must be fundamentally reassessed today, in light of forces such as: the collapse of trust in financial institutions, a […]

Jolly Good Fellows with a Purpose

We announced this week the first class of Institute for Public Relations Research Fellows. They will be inducted at the Annual Distinguished Lecture & Awards Dinner, November 5 in New York. With all the research commissions, conferences and councils supported by the Institute, do we also need the Institute Research Fellows? Is it just an […]

Toni Muzi Falconi: From Personal to Organizational Influence

“I think that PR has always been about relationships, but it has changed fundamentally in that relationships have almost become the primary responsibility of a PR practitioner-and it’s not just with the Wall Street Journal or New York Times-it’s relationships with everyone who has a significant influence on the reputation of your company. I think […]

A Professional’s Guide to Guest Lecturing

This new book by Tom Martin – Executive in Residence, Department of Communication, College of Charleston – offers just what the subtitle says: what corporate communicators need to know about sharing their life experience with tomorrow’s leaders. Tom’s passion for his long career in corporate communications as well as his new career in the classroom […]