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Five Lessons in Effective Communication from the #Rezist Romanian Protests

Protests occur all the time and most of them are political. They are loud, vibrant, spectacular displays of energy (of both opposition and support) and most often, considered as a problem by communicators. They occupy spaces, they create images that capture people’s attention and imagination, and they create a disruptive spectacle for consumption by media […]

Don’t Measure “Internal Communications”

Ok, first, allow me to apologize for the slightly click-baity headline. But I actually do mean it. Let’s all stop measuring internal communications for two reasons. First, internal communications is probably not actually internal and, Second, you’re wasting your time if you’re measuring the communications instead of the desired behavioral changes. I’ve been on a […]

Choosing the Right Name: How the U.S. Supreme Court Changed Trademark Law in 2017

Download Infographic: Choosing the Right Name Names are important, especially for organizations. They are meant to distinguish one thing from another in the marketplace. However, names are more than just identifiers. They can evoke an organization’s culture and attitude, stir emotions, and, when chosen poorly, can cause an otherwise good product or organization to be […]

It’s about How Employees Feel! The Impact of Emotional Culture on Employee-Organization Relationships

Offering employees the information they need and keeping them informed and updated is only one of the basic goals of internal communication. A more important purpose of internal communication is to establish employees’ deeper-level emotional connection with the organization. More and more companies today are striving to develop an emotional culture which emphasizes how employees […]