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IPR Behavioral Insights Research Center Reveals How to Enable Effective Communication

In March 2016, IPR launched its Behavioral Insights Research Center (BIRC) to conduct research on the factors that influence attitude and behavioral change to enable effective communication. The BIRC helps professionals understand how and why people think and behave the way they do in this ever-changing business environment. Research has focused on key factors of […]

The Future of PR is Bright with Behavioral Insights Research

Behavioral science insights refer to a body of research aimed at better understanding how people make decisions and act on them. Launched by the Institute for Public Relations in March 2016, The Behavioral Insights Research Center (BIRC) offers the opportunity for public relations researchers and professionals to explore our societal role in the formation of public […]

World PR Report by ICCO and PRWeek Finds Leaders in North America are the Most Optimistic for Industry Growth

This post appears courtesy of PRWeek and the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO). The full study can be found here. PR leaders in North America are the most optimistic for increased agency profitability, although those in the Middle East are most hopeful for growth in the industry, according to the 2016 World PR Report by PRWeek […]

I Trust You, I Trust You Not: Different Sides of Organization-Public Relationships

Scholars in public relations have contended that organization-public relationship (OPR) quality has multiple dimensions, including the oft-cited list of trust, satisfaction, control mutuality, and commitment. The concept of OPR quality is assumed to be positive (Heath, 2013), which nevertheless does not describe relational problems in reality. In this blog post, I introduce an additional side […]

Reputation Is Everything | 2016 PRAXIS Conference

What does it take to be creative? What is the promise of disruption in the digital era? What is the impact of millennials on brand reputation? What role does reputation management have in the age of artificial intelligence and virtual reality? These are some of the topics that were presented and discussed at the PRAXIS […]

How Mentors Shape the Future for Millennial Employees

In a new study titled “How Millennials View Ethics in Public Relations Practice,” Nancy Weaver and I have been exploring the availability of mentors for Millennials, both inside and outside of the workplace. Our study is jointly sponsored by the Public Relations Society of America and the Arthur W. Page Center. In previous studies, researchers […]

IPR Celebrates 60 Years of Research that Matters to the Practice

For 60 years, the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) has provided the latest research that matters to the practice. IPR was founded on October 26, 1956, to investigate the science beneath the art of public relations™. Since then, IPR has continued t0 share the most relevant research, provide timely insights and apply intelligence that professionals […]