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IPR Hosts 56th Annual Distinguished Lecture and Awards Dinner

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, IPR hosted its 56th Annual Distinguished Lecture with more than 320 people in attendance celebrating the leaders and future leaders of our profession. Award winners included: Don Bartholomew Award for Excellence in PR Research (sponsored by Ketchum) Jung Kyu (Rhys) Lim (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maryland) Grunig PRIME Research Fellowship (sponsored […]

Are Organizational Goals Really Top of Mind for Communication Professionals? Insights from the Global Communication Monitor

Why should communicators spend time and money on measurement? At least two reasons are frequently mentioned in theory and practice alike: doing things right and doing the right thing. First of all, effective management has to rely on up-to-date data. How do audiences use different media? Which social media influencers are relevant for our firm’s […]

How PR Crises Impact Brand Reputation

According to a new study from, how companies immediately respond to PR crises has a lasting impact on their brand reputation. Using United Airlines, Pepsi, and Uber as examples, Clutch surveyed 500 consumers to measure their willingness to purchase products or services from United, Pepsi, and Uber before, immediately after, and seven months after […]

Sexual Harassment: A Workplace Pandemic

This article is the first in a two-part series that explores some of the issues surrounding sexual harassment. The year was 1980.  It was my first job in private industry and I was working in a division of a company that would later become part of what is now Verizon.  To make a long story […]

Why Change Communications Hasn’t Changed and the Continued Risk to Organizational Health

It’s been nearly 30 years since the business world discovered a host of new programs and initiatives generated by consulting firms to rethink strategy, improve processes, deploy new systems and technologies, reduce costs, streamline functions and business units, recruit and retain talent, and solidify leadership practices.  During that time, the success rate – defined as […]

Why Humanizing the Employee Experience Matters

At Gagen MacDonald, we’ve long believed that love in business is good business. And that’s why it was wonderful to read about Dr. Rita Linjuan Men’s latest research study, 
It’s about How Employees Feel! The Impact of Emotional Culture on Employee-Organization Relationships. Her survey provides empirical evidence on whether emotional culture truly matters for an […]