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Bridging Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Communication

In the last two decades, scholars and professionals have increasingly realized the strategic importance of investing in CSR initiatives so as to improve the relationships between corporations and their various stakeholder groups. Despite the great amount of attention paid to external stakeholders’ engagement and perceptions, CSR programs are most effective when employees become leading enactors […]

Connecting Corporate (Re)Branding with Communication: The Case of McDonald’s Turnaround

This post is featured as part of the 2016 Grunig PRIME Research Fellowship. Download the full paper: Reviving the Corporate Brand: McDonald’s Turnaround and Implications for Public Relations/Organizational Communicaiton A qualitative case study was conducted to explore how, why, and the extent to which McDonald’s has accomplished its corporate brand revival (or rebranding/turnaround) over the […]

From Winning with Data to the Future of Fake Facts

This post appears as a part of AMEC’s Measurement Month. Last week, the SmallDataForum convened – this time to explore questions related to the opportunities and challenges of data in business, the rational and emotional side of decision-making, and the continuing erosion of trust and confidence in the truthfulness of information. Stephen Fry’s fabulous narration […]

AMEC Measurement Month Shines the Spotlight on the Importance of Analytics Innovation

September is AMEC Measurement Month! This is the fourth year of the annual event hosted by the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC). Measurement Month is a global program of activities to shine the spotlight on the importance of PR measurement. There have already been some amazing events, Twitter chats, webinars, […]

Public Relations: The Corporate Sword and Shield

People now have unprecedented levels of access to information that is readily obtainable anytime anywhere. This profusion of information – some of which is true and some not so true — presents an increased need to process, understand and act upon the opinion-shaping material which influences stakeholders, the marketplace and society in general. With the […]

Measurement is Critical in a Constantly Changing Communication and Media Environment

This is the first blog featured for this year’s Measurement Month. For more information, please visit I have long envied my marketing colleagues over the years, who traditionally had larger budgets to conduct research, collect data, hold focus groups, and access metrics on almost everything to prove the benefits of their marketing efforts. Further, […]

Functional Silos, Integration & Encroachment in Internal Communication

While much attention has been focused on integrating external communication efforts, internal communication can sometimes be a lower priority, which can impact employee engagement. True integration is even more difficult in organizations with multiple offices regionally and globally. We conducted in-depth interviews with 28 communication executives working in such settings to determine whether or not […]