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How Mentors Shape the Future for Millennial Employees

In a new study titled “How Millennials View Ethics in Public Relations Practice,” Nancy Weaver and I have been exploring the availability of mentors for Millennials, both inside and outside of the workplace. Our study is jointly sponsored by the Public Relations Society of America and the Arthur W. Page Center. In previous studies, researchers […]

IPR Celebrates 60 Years of Research that Matters to the Practice

For 60 years, the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) has provided the latest research that matters to the practice. IPR was founded on October 26, 1956, to investigate the science beneath the art of public relations™. Since then, IPR has continued t0 share the most relevant research, provide timely insights and apply intelligence that professionals […]

Why is Measurement Usually an Afterthought?

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts for Measurement Month. When it comes to public relations, “measurement” is seen as what you do at the end of a campaign. Whether it is to prove success or simply catalogue mentions, measurement is only discussed at the end. Unfortunately, this usually leads to very […]

APCO TradeMarks Study Reveals How Associations are Successfully Influencing Washington, D.C.

This post appears courtesy of APCO Worldwide. The full study is available here. As storytelling makes its rise, the third installment of APCO Worldwide’s annual TradeMarks Study shows that third-party validators and storytellers are among the top differentiators for associations in Washington, D.C. APCO Worldwide surveyed 306 leaders in Washington, D.C. (a make up of […]

Knowing Who You Are Talking with: Understanding and Segmenting Your Internal Audience

We often hear people say communication failed because they missed the target. Similar to any strategic communication effort, employee communication requires a thorough understanding and accurate grasp of who the internal audience is—whom the company and its leaders are trying to reach, connect with, listen to, or engage. Employees differ in terms of demographics, psychographics, […]

Four Tips for Practicing Public Relations in Latin America

This article is the second in a series adapted from Alaimo’s book “Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street: How to Practice Global Public Relations and Strategic Communication.” As part of the research for Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street: How to Practice Global Public Relations and Strategic Communication, my new book on how […]