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Measurement is Critical in a Constantly Changing Communication and Media Environment

This is the first blog featured for this year’s Measurement Month. For more information, please visit I have long envied my marketing colleagues over the years, who traditionally had larger budgets to conduct research, collect data, hold focus groups, and access metrics on almost everything to prove the benefits of their marketing efforts. Further, […]

Functional Silos, Integration & Encroachment in Internal Communication

While much attention has been focused on integrating external communication efforts, internal communication can sometimes be a lower priority, which can impact employee engagement. True integration is even more difficult in organizations with multiple offices regionally and globally. We conducted in-depth interviews with 28 communication executives working in such settings to determine whether or not […]

Four Ways to Craft a Better Facebook Post

This post appears courtesy of the authors and the University of Florida. The full study can be found here. The first step to changing behavior or attitudes can be engaging with people on social media, and many health promotion organizations are eager to capitalize on this opportunity. Still, much remains unknown about how to best […]

The State of Employee Advocacy | 2017 Survey by JEM Consulting

Employee advocacy and social selling programs experienced significant growth in 2017, according to the 2017 State of Employee Advocacy survey, conducted by JEM Consulting & Advisory Services. Now in its second year, the survey-based study was designed to explore the trends and best practices for employee advocacy programs, through which organizations empower their employees to […]

Five Lessons in Effective Communication from the #Rezist Romanian Protests

Protests occur all the time and most of them are political. They are loud, vibrant, spectacular displays of energy (of both opposition and support) and most often, considered as a problem by communicators. They occupy spaces, they create images that capture people’s attention and imagination, and they create a disruptive spectacle for consumption by media […]

Don’t Measure “Internal Communications”

Ok, first, allow me to apologize for the slightly click-baity headline. But I actually do mean it. Let’s all stop measuring internal communications for two reasons. First, internal communications is probably not actually internal and, Second, you’re wasting your time if you’re measuring the communications instead of the desired behavioral changes. I’ve been on a […]

Choosing the Right Name: How the U.S. Supreme Court Changed Trademark Law in 2017

Download Infographic: Choosing the Right Name Names are important, especially for organizations. They are meant to distinguish one thing from another in the marketplace. However, names are more than just identifiers. They can evoke an organization’s culture and attitude, stir emotions, and, when chosen poorly, can cause an otherwise good product or organization to be […]