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How Twitter Can Effect Trust in Corporate Communication

This blog post is a summary of “Effects of Corporate Online Communication on Attitude and Trust: Experimental Analysis of Twitter Messages,” by Dr. Ji Young Kim and Dr. Jinhyon K. Hammick, University of Hawaii at Manoa. For the full study, please visit the PR Journal. The 21st century is defined by the emergence of social […]

Marketers Come to Terms with their Role in Fake News Crisis

This blog post appears courtesy of the Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board. For the full study, please visit here. Public attention about online misinformation has been largely focused on the business practices of the social platforms—especially Facebook and Google. Yes, the two net giants are the 600-pound gorillas of fake news, […]

Creativity: Managing it with PR Professionals

Creativity is a means to make order out of chaos. In PR and other areas of organizational communication, a creative solution may seek to establish dissonance within a public (e.g., a need in people’s lives is not being met when they thought it was), and there is a great way to achieve harmony in their […]

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In Remembrance of Lou Williams

Over the holidays, we lost a great leader and friend to the field, Lou Williams. Lou Williams was an integral part of the Institute for Public Relations. He served as an IPR Trustee starting in 2002, thanks to being recruited by his friend Ward White, who passed away in 2016. In 2007, he became an […]

How to Maximize the Value of Forward-Looking PR Measurement

In October, 2017, John Gilfeather, president of John Gilfeather & Associates, weighed in on the pages of PR News about the difficulties PR agencies and in-house departments face in attempting to measure the effectiveness of their efforts (“Mobster”). In his essay, Gilfeather states most PR pros cannot honestly cite analytics/big data as a core skillset. […]

Is Social Media the Future of Customer Care?

Call centers and email have taken a back seat when it comes to customer care. As we move further into the digital age, people don’t want to wait hours for a response to their questions, or sit on hold while they wait for availability at a call centre. Instead, millions of people have begun to […]