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Why Humanizing the Employee Experience Matters

At Gagen MacDonald, we’ve long believed that love in business is good business. And that’s why it was wonderful to read about Dr. Rita Linjuan Men’s latest research study, 
It’s about How Employees Feel! The Impact of Emotional Culture on Employee-Organization Relationships. Her survey provides empirical evidence on whether emotional culture truly matters for an […]

The Role of Source Credibility in Shaping Young Millennials’ Risk Perception and Purchase Intention Toward Genetically Modified Foods

Ruoyo Sun is the winner of the 2017 Makovsky Best Master Thesis of the Year Award. Information source can make up a compelling story, depending on how credible it is. A most recent study on genetically modified foods (GM foods) confirmed that source cues will not only have an impact on individuals’ risk perceptions on […]

How Public Opinion Affects Public Affairs

Every company is concerned about its reputation — for lots of good reasons. But we don’t talk much about the relationship between a company’s reputation and its success in public affairs. If the public doesn’t trust you, are you more likely to be regulated? If Congress likes you, will it pass favorable laws? If your […]

Threat of Fake News is Elevating Trust in Traditional Media

This post appears courtesy of the Ogilvy Media Influence Team.  The emergence of “fake news” was thought to make the public less confident in its news sources, but the Ogilvy Media Influence 2017 survey suggests that journalists believe that fake news is creating new trust in traditional media around the world. Ogilvy’s annual survey included […]

Values: Organizations Must Make Them Real

Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset once said, “Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.”  So, as organizations sit in their Boardrooms and deliberate to come up with the right list of values, how much meaning, importance and identity does the organization ultimately associate with them? Many […]