Social Media and Fake News: Understanding News Media Professionals Perspective

Disclaimer: Here, “journalist” is meant to include any and all media industry professionals.  This post appears courtesy of Cision. The Sixth Annual Social Journalism Study is the latest installment in a series of national and international reports charting the changes in how journalists and media professionals use social media in their work and when communicating […]

Is Social Media the Future of Customer Care?

Call centers and email have taken a back seat when it comes to customer care. As we move further into the digital age, people don’t want to wait hours for a response to their questions, or sit on hold while they wait for availability at a call centre. Instead, millions of people have begun to […]

The Science of Influence: How Social Media Affects Decision Making in the Healthcare, Travel, Retail and Financial Industries

The Science of Influence: How Social Media Affects Decision Making in the Healthcare, Travel, Retail and Financial Industries Download Report: Science of Influence – Report Download Infographic: Science of Influence – Infographic Executive Summary In a survey of 1,783 internet users, this study explored the level of influence social media has in four industries: healthcare, […]

Social Media Expectations Between PR Professionals and Their Stakeholders: Results of the ComGap Study in Spain

Navarro, Cristina, Moreno, Angeles, & Al-Sumait, Fahed (2017). Social media expectations between public relations professionals and their stakeholders: Results of the ComGap study in Spain. Public Relations Review, 43(4), 700-708. Summary Despite the massive incorporation of social media into communication strategies, there is still much that we do not know about the type of content that […]

What Motivates Online Charitable Giving Among Aware and Not-So-Involved Publics?

Lee, Moon J., & Xi, Lui (2017). What motivates online charitable giving among aware and not-so-involved publics? Public Relations Journal, 11(1), 1-14. Summary We investigated whether providing social information, recommended contribution level, statement about gift impact, mission, and financial disclosure information influences unaware or not-so-involved college students’ online charitable-giving. An experiment was conducted with 224 college […]

Public Relations, Media Coverage and Public Opinion in Contemporary China

Cheng, Yang, Huang, Yi-Hui Christine & Chan, Ching Man (2017). Public relations, media coverage, and public opinion in contemporary China: Testing agenda building theory in a social mediated crisis. Telematics and Informatics, 34(3), 765-773. Summary This study investigates a social mediated crisis triggered by the Guo Meimei incident that negatively affected the Red Cross Society […]

Managing Online Communities: Lesson’s From Reddit’s “AMAgeddon”

Reddit is one of the largest and most popular online communities, but is often overlooked by public relations practitioners in their communication efforts. In addition to a rich source of conversation that can be monitored and analyzed for brand mentions, trends, and potential issues, Reddit provides an example of the complexities of online community management. […]

Rumor or Rescue? The Influence of Social Media During Hurricane Season

In the age of social media, rumors have the power to spread more quickly than ever before—like the falsified storm models of Hurricane Irma predicting landfall in Houston while the city is still reeling from the effects of Harvey. One of these fake weather maps was spread on Facebook over 37,000 times in just 17 […]

Four Ways to Craft a Better Facebook Post

This post appears courtesy of the authors and the University of Florida. The full study can be found here. The first step to changing behavior or attitudes can be engaging with people on social media, and many health promotion organizations are eager to capitalize on this opportunity. Still, much remains unknown about how to best […]

How Strategic Social Media Use Enhances Communication Professionals’ Leadership Behavior

Jiang, Hua, Luo, Yi, & Kulemeka, Owen (2017). Strategic social media use in public relations: Professionals’ perceived social media impact, leadership behaviors, and work-life conflict. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 11, 18-41. Summary The deliberate use of social media tools has become an integral part of strategic communication strategies for organizations to gain competitive advantages. […]

How Motivations, Consumption Emotions, and Temporal Orientations Affect Social Media Use

Jin, Yan, Lin, Jhih-Syuan (Elaine), Gilbreath, Bob, & Lee, Yen-I (2017). Motivations, Consumption Emotions, and Temporal Orientations in Social Media Use: A Strategic Approach to Engaging Stakeholders across Platforms. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 11(2), 115-132. Summary This study investigated how individuals, based on their multiple social media platform usage (Facebook+Instagram users vs. Facebook+Pinterest users), […]