Motivations, Consumption Emotions, and Temporal Orientations in Social Media Use: A Strategic Approach to Engaging Stakeholders across Platforms

Jin, Yan, Lin, Jhih-Syuan (Elaine), Gilbreath, Bob, & Lee, Yen-I (2017). Motivations, Consumption Emotions, and Temporal Orientations in Social Media Use: A Strategic Approach to Engaging Stakeholders across Platforms. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 11(2), 115-132. Summary This study investigated how individuals, based on their multiple social media platform usage (Facebook+Instagram users vs. Facebook+Pinterest users), […]

How to Determine if a Blog is Effective : A Multidimensional Scale of Blog Engagement

Hopp, Toby, & Gallicano, Tiffany Derville (2016). Development and test of a multidimensional scale of blog engagement. Journal of Public Relations Research, 28(3-4), 127–145. doi:10.1080/1062726X.2016.1204303 Summary Social media interactions are commonly used to measure engagement; however, at most, they should be used only as a key performance indicator since audiences can be engaged without liking, […]

Eight Steps to Prepare for that “Tweet” that Comes out of Nowhere

How prepared are you if you come under social media attack? If a certain someone posts a defamatory tweet about you, your company or your products are you prepared to do anything about “it”? And in what ways can you best prepare? This was a subject at the recent Strategic Corporate Communication and Research Conference, […]

Understanding Social Media Peer Communication and Organization-Public Relationships: Evidence from China and the United States

Men, Rita Linjuan, & Muralidharan, Sidharth (2017). Understanding social media peer communication and organization-public relationships: Evidence from China and the United States. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 94(1), 81-101. Summary There is a lack of research particularly on how peer communication in virtual communities about companies may influence the quality of organization–public relationship (OPR) outcomes. […]

Public Relations, Ethics and Social Media: A Cross-National Study of PR Professionals

Toledano, Margalit & Avidar, Ruth (2016). Public relations, ethics, and social media: A cross-national study of PR practitioners. Public Relations Review, 42(1), 161-169 Summary This article compares PR practitioner attitudes to specific ethical issues in social media in two different socio-cultural environments – New Zealand and Israel. Its major goal is to identify current practitioner […]

Exploring the Impact of Internal Social Media Usage on Employee Engagement

Haddud, Abubaker, Dugger, John, & Gill, Preet (2016). Exploring the impact of internal social media usage on employee engagement. Journal of Social Media for Organizations, 3(1),  1 – 23. Summary The emergence of internal social media platforms/applications is creating opportunities for organizations to promote collaboration between employees and to improve employee engagement. Internal social media […]

The Evolution of Online Activism and CSR: Preview of Five In-Depth Interviews with Experts

This summary post appears courtesy of the study’s authors Dr. Melissa Dodd and Sasha Dookhoo. This post is a preview based on the preliminary findings presented at the International PR Research Conference on March 11, 2017. Online activism ignites progress in organizations and encourages them to be good corporate citizens. Many companies accomplish this through […]

When Employees Don’t ‘Like’ Their Employers on Social Media

Author(s), Title and Publication Cervellon, M-C. & Lirio, P. (2017). When employees don’t ‘like’ their employers on social media. MIT Sloan Management Review, 58(2), 63-70. Summary When employees talk privately about their brands or the industries in which their companies operate, their comments will often have more credibility with their network of contacts than when […]

Between Hope and Fear: Developing Social Media Guidelines for Employees

Author(s), Title and Publication Opgenhaffen, M. and Claeys, A.-S. (2017). Between hope and fear: Developing social media guidelines. Employee Relations, 39(2), pp. 130–144. doi: 10.1108/er-04-2016-0086. Summary From an organizational perspective, social media has evolved from a communication tool focused on external stakeholder engagement to also include internal stakeholders. As such, this study examines the rationale […]

Why Companies Should Seek #INSTAFAME Right Now

This post appears courtesy of The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research and The Conference Board. The full study is available here. Though much of its popularity is fueled by millennial users, The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research dove in to the details of how the fastest-growing businesses (Inc. 500) […]