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My first dabble in collaboration on a global scale with stakeholders came with the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management (GA) tackling the issue of ethics by researching whether a global code of ethics was feasible and desirable to strengthen the profession.  With the help of an international task force we examined the […]

PR Research & Measurement Standards Available for Download

This month, four major corporations – GE, GM, McDonald’s USA and Southwest Airlines – adopted a set of interim metrics proposed by the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards. Those standards, focusing on traditional media measurement, social media measurement, return on investment and the communications lifecycle, are now available for free download: The Standards Summary […]

Shannon A. Bowen, Ph.D., and Don W. Stacks, Ph.D.

Toward the Establishment of Ethical Standardization in Public Relations Research, Measurement and Evaluation

At the Measurement Summit 3.1, a “think-fest” on the future of public relations research standards conducted by the IPR Measurement Commission, Don W. Stacks, Ph.D., presented “Toward the Establishment of Ethical Standardization in Public Relations Research, Measurement and Evaluation,” on behalf of Shannon A. Bowen, Ph.D., and himself.  The presentation was based on a paper […]

Awareness (unaided and aided)

Metric name Awareness (unaided and aided) Standards area Communications lifecycle (awareness, knowledge, Interest and relevance, relationship, intent and preference, and advocacy) Metric description and application “Awareness measures can take several different forms. These measures include unaided awareness and aided awareness. The most fundamental measure for public relations is a variation of an awareness measure known […]

For the Sake of Transparency: Informing Interviewees

A few days ago, the New York Times printed an intriguing article featuring Scott Howe, CEO of Axciom Corporation, and his decision to embark on a ‘novel public relations strategy: openness.’ The marketing technology company unveiled a free website where consumers in the United States can view some of the information collected about them. The […]

Second Thoughts on Secondary Research

In a previous blog I wrote about the lack of good, basic secondary research being conducted and made available.  This is often due to the proprietary nature of business—why let a possible competitor know how you created a measure, strategy, or campaign?  Why do the competitor’s work?  Secondary research informs the practice and helps the […]

The Conclave: Complete Social Media Measurement Standards June 2013

Introduction: The Conclave is a broad coalition of B2B and B2C companies, PR and Social Media Agencies, and Industry associations that work with paid, owned and earned social media. It initially convened in Durham, NH in October 2011 to establish standard definitions and best practices for Social Media. At that meeting it established a set […]

Thoughts on the Passing of Jack Felton

In my last blog entry I talked about the developmental stage of a public relations initiative or campaign.  Between then and now the public relations profession lost a true giant in education and practice—Jack Felton.  I’ve worked with Jack for over 15 years.  He was the force behind the “Primer of Public Relations Research,” especially […]

Return on Investment (ROI)

Metric name Return on Investment (ROI) Standards area Business results Metric description and application Organizations investing in public relations programs want to understand what they are getting for their money—and legitimately so. Yet hard financial numbers are usually not so easy to come by. When public relations professionals speak of ROI, or the “return on […]

Item for media analysis

Metric name Item for media analysis Standards area Traditional media measurementSocial media measurement Metric description and application The item for media analysis is “a manifest unit of analysis used in content analysis consisting an entire message itself (e.g., an advertisement, story, press release)” (Stacks, 2006). This would also apply to broadcast segments, blog posts, comments […]

Traditional media circulation, reach, and impressions

Metric name Traditional media circulation, reach, and impressions Note: These metrics will be integrated with metrics for social media currently under development by the end of 2012. Standards area Traditional media measurement Note: There will be a unified standard covering traditional, online, and social media channels before the end of 2012. Metric description and application. […]