The Secret to Creating an Engaged Workforce

Author(s), Title and Publication Jiang, H., & Men, R. L. (2015). Creating an engaged workforce: The impact of authentic leadership, transparent organizational communication, and work-life enrichment. Communication Research, DOI: 10.1177/0093650215613137. Summary This study examined how organizational leadership interplays with communication to influence employees’ work-life enrichment and work engagement. Employee engagement is a work-related motivated state of […]

Trust is Key: Unlocking the Relationship Between Leadership and Team Performance

Author(s), Title and Publication Boies, K., Fiset, J., & Gill, H. (2015). Communication and trust are key: Unlocking the relationship between leadership and team performance and creativity. The Leadership Quarterly, 26(6), 1080-1094. Summary This experimental study examined how transformational leadership behaviors influence team performance and creativity through underlying mechanisms of team communication and trust. Transformational leadership is […]

Crafting the Change: The Role of Employees During an Organizational Change

Author(s), Title and Publication Petrou, P., Demerouti, E., & Schaufeli, W. B. (2016). Crafting the change: The role of employee job crafting behaviors for successful organizational change. Journal of Management, DOI: 10.1177/0149206315624961. Summary Though it is widely recognized that organizational change communication is the most effective strategy to improve employee adjustment to change, little is […]

The Making of Caring Employees: Internal Relationship Building

It goes without saying that effective employee communication is important to an excellent organization. Without an engaged, trusting, and caring workforce, organizations’ external goals could suffer (e.g., Guaspari, 2002; Berger, 2016). Then the question that follows is: How to build this trusting and caring workforce? In this blog post, I share preliminary results from one […]

Satisfied, Engaged, Inspired Employees: Is There Really Any Difference?

I am wondering if there is some truth to the idea that engagement is just a new corporate cliché. In public relations we have readily accepted and adapted this popular concept. We have taken it one step further and applied engagement not only to internal audiences but to all types of publics. This year’s BledCom […]

Four Steps to Manage Organizational Change

“There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things.” –Machiavelli An important prerequisite for modern organizations to grow and succeed in the dynamic and competitive global market is to scan and monitor the environment constantly, make necessary adjustments, […]

Cultivating Employee Trust: From Authenticity, Transparency to Engagement

Trust is often talked about as one of the most significant contributors to an organization’s business success. As Carolyn O’Hara wrote in her Harvard Business Review blog, “Proven Ways to Earn Your Employees’ Trust,” many organizations always think of it in terms of customers’ belief in their products and services, but trust within an organization […]

Clarity Comes Down to Communications

IPR study shows how CCOs can contribute to bottom-line organizational performance Did you know there’s a direct connection between organizational clarity and organizational performance? A recently released Institute for Public Relations report, “Organizational Clarity, The Case for Workforce Alignment & Belief,” argues that such clarity is critical to employee performance, satisfaction, overall organization morale as […]

10 Ways to Improve Organizational Clarity and Drive Performance

This is a part of an IPR Signature Study  “Organizational Clarity: The Case for Workforce Alignment & Belief” conducted by the IPR Commission on Organizational Communication. Download Infographic: Organizational Clarity Infographic Download White Paper: Organizational Clarity White Paper

I Can See Clearly Now

IPR Organizational Clarity Study Makes the Case for Stronger Internal Alignment around Business Strategy and Individual Performance Last week, IPR Commission on Organizational Communication released a Signature Research Global Study – “Organizational Clarity: The Case for Workforce Alignment and Belief” – delving into the company/employee dynamic involving comprehension and activation around business strategy.  In full […]

Addressing the Employee Communication Paradox

In January 2016, Bruce Berger, Ph.D., professor emeritus, University of Alabama, and research director of The Plank Center for Leadership in PR, posed the question ‘Does Organizational Communication Research Matter?’ I am happy to report that the resources provided by the Organizational Communication Research Center are highly valued by PR Academy students as our courses […]

Organizational Clarity: The Case for Workforce Alignment and Belief

This is an IPR Signature Study conducted by the IPR Commission on Organizational Communication and a part of the Organizational Communication Research Center. Thanks to our sponsors for their generous support: Download Full White Paper (PDF): Organizational Clarity: The Case for Workforce Alignment and Belief Download Infographic (PDF): Organizational Clarity: The Case for Workforce Alignment and […]