Why Humanizing the Employee Experience Matters

At Gagen MacDonald, we’ve long believed that love in business is good business. And that’s why it was wonderful to read about Dr. Rita Linjuan Men’s latest research study, 
It’s about How Employees Feel! The Impact of Emotional Culture on Employee-Organization Relationships. Her survey provides empirical evidence on whether emotional culture truly matters for an […]

When Public Relations Professionals are the Employees: Their Own Work vs. Life

Job search site CareerCast ranked public relations as the sixth most stressful job in 2016 (Suleman, 2016). When we, professional communicators, are at the other side of the table, how are we dealing with our own work-life conflict? In this blog post, I discuss the ways in which work environment and professional identification impact public […]

Workplace Flexibility and Communication Flows: A Structural View

Author(s), Title and Publication Nordback, E., Myers, K. & McPhee, R. (2017). Workplace flexibility and communication flows: A structurational view. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 45(4), 397-412. DOI:10.1080/00909882.2017.1355560. Summary Organizational policies, including those on teleworking or working remotely, shape employees’ perceptions of work and demarcate the lines between personal and professional boundaries. Underpinned by structuration theory, […]

Relational Communication Messages and Employee Outcomes in Supervisor/Employee Relationships

Author(s), Title and Publication Mikkelson, A. C., Hesse, C., & Sloan, D. (2017). Relational communication messages and employee outcomes in supervisor/employee relationships. Public Relations Review, 43(1), 152-162. DOI: 10.1016/j.pubrev.2016.11.004 Summary Supervisors’ communication with employees can have a substantial influence on their workplace experience. Given this reality, this study’s authors examined how employees perceive relational communication messages from […]

How Symmetrical Employee Communication Leads to Employee Engagement and Positive Employee Communication Behaviors

Author(s), Title and Publication Kang, M., & Sung, M. (2017). How symmetrical employee communication leads to employee engagement and positive employee communication behaviors. Journal of Communication Management, 21(1), 82-102. DOI:10.1108/JCOM-04-2016-0026 Summary For their insider perspective, employees are considered unique and authentic ambassadors for organizations. Whether the message is favorable or not, the employee experience, and the information […]

Corporate PR Dynamics: Internal vs. External Stakeholders and the Role of the Practitioner

Author(s), Title and Publication Cardwell, L. A., Williams, S., & Pyle, A. (2017). Corporate public relations dynamics: Internal vs. external stakeholders and the role of the practitioner. Public Relations Review, 43(1), 152-162. DOI: 10.1016/j.pubrev.2016.11.004 Summary While scholarship has focused on enhancing the public relations (PR) practitioner’s ability to build mutually beneficial relationship between the organization and its […]

The Influence of Unrestricted Information Exchange on Willingness to Share Information with Outsiders

Author(s), Title and Publication Liao, W., McComas, K. A., & Connie Yuan, Y. (2017). The influence of unrestricted information exchange on willingness to share information with outsiders. Human Communication Research, 43(2), 256-275. doi:10.1111/hcre.12104 Summary Considerable research on information sharing within teams, organizations, and communities considers how information is shared within groups. Information-sharing with outsiders, however, […]

Industries in Turmoil: Driving Transformation During Periods of Disruption

Author(s), Title and Publication Weber, M. S., & Monge, P. R. (2017). Industries in turmoil: Driving transformation during periods of disruption. Communication Research, 44(2), 147-176. DOI: 10.1177/0093650213514601 Summary While newspapers have functioned as an established population within the community of news media organizations for many decades, the production process and the organizational structure of this […]

Bridging Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Communication

In the last two decades, scholars and professionals have increasingly realized the strategic importance of investing in CSR initiatives so as to improve the relationships between corporations and their various stakeholder groups. Despite the great amount of attention paid to external stakeholders’ engagement and perceptions, CSR programs are most effective when employees become leading enactors […]

Functional Silos, Integration & Encroachment in Internal Communication

While much attention has been focused on integrating external communication efforts, internal communication can sometimes be a lower priority, which can impact employee engagement. True integration is even more difficult in organizations with multiple offices regionally and globally. We conducted in-depth interviews with 28 communication executives working in such settings to determine whether or not […]

The State of Employee Advocacy | 2017 Survey by JEM Consulting

Employee advocacy and social selling programs experienced significant growth in 2017, according to the 2017 State of Employee Advocacy survey, conducted by JEM Consulting & Advisory Services. Now in its second year, the survey-based study was designed to explore the trends and best practices for employee advocacy programs, through which organizations empower their employees to […]

Employee Communication, Job Engagement, and Organizational Commitment: A Study of Members of the Millennial Generation

Author(s), Title and Publication Walden, J., Jung, E. H., & Westerman, C. K. (2017). Employee communication, job engagement, and organizational commitment: A study of members of the Millennial Generation. Journal of Public Relations Research, 29(2/3), 73-89. doi: 10.1080/1062726X.2017.1329737 Summary The authors developed and tested a model in which job engagement mediates the relationship between three […]