Functional Silos, Integration & Encroachment in Internal Communication

While much attention has been focused on integrating external communication efforts, internal communication can sometimes be a lower priority, which can impact employee engagement. True integration is even more difficult in organizations with multiple offices regionally and globally. We conducted in-depth interviews with 28 communication executives working in such settings to determine whether or not […]

The State of Employee Advocacy | 2017 Survey by JEM Consulting

Employee advocacy and social selling programs experienced significant growth in 2017, according to the 2017 State of Employee Advocacy survey, conducted by JEM Consulting & Advisory Services. Now in its second year, the survey-based study was designed to explore the trends and best practices for employee advocacy programs, through which organizations empower their employees to […]

Employee Communication, Job Engagement, and Organizational Commitment: A Study of Members of the Millennial Generation

Author(s), Title and Publication Walden, J., Jung, E. H., & Westerman, C. K. (2017). Employee communication, job engagement, and organizational commitment: A study of members of the Millennial Generation. Journal of Public Relations Research, 29(2/3), 73-89. doi: 10.1080/1062726X.2017.1329737 Summary The authors developed and tested a model in which job engagement mediates the relationship between three […]

Overconfidence at the Keyboard: Confidence and Accuracy in Interpreting E-mail Exchanges

Author(s), Title and Publication Riordan, M. A., & Trichtinger, L. A. (2017). Overconfidence at the keyboard: Confidence and accuracy in interpreting affect in E-mail exchanges: Confidence and accuracy in E-mail. Human Communication Research, 43(1), 1-24. doi:10.1111/hcre.12093 Summary Computer-mediated communication (CMC) as an internal communication tool has created efficiencies, but in part, at the expense of […]

Strategic Internal Communication of Corporate Heritage Identity in a Hypermodal Context

Author(s), Title and Publication Maier, C. D., & Andersen, M. A. (2017). Strategic internal communication of corporate heritage identity in a hypermodal context. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 22(1), 36-59. DOI: 10.1108/CCIJ-09-2015-0059 Summary Interest in the strategic use of historical references by organizations has been accompanied by an increasing attention to the study of the corporate heritage […]

Don’t Measure “Internal Communications”

Ok, first, allow me to apologize for the slightly click-baity headline. But I actually do mean it. Let’s all stop measuring internal communications for two reasons. First, internal communications is probably not actually internal and, Second, you’re wasting your time if you’re measuring the communications instead of the desired behavioral changes. I’ve been on a […]

The Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility, Employer Branding and Reputation

Reputation is continuously recognized as one of the foundations on which to build organizational success (Key, 1995). When positive, reputation is considered to be one of the most valuable intangible assets any organizations can possess (Vidaver-Cohen, 2007). This is true for organizations both in the profit and nonprofit sectors, in developed and developing economies (Martin, […]

PR Leaders are Pretty Average | Plank Center Report Card 2017

What’s your leadership grade? The Plank Center Report Card 2017 suggests leadership in public relations is average (C+), and it’s not improving. In 2015 the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations and Heyman Associates produced its first Report Card on PR Leaders. Leaders earned passing grades for the five areas examined—leadership performance, job engagement, […]

Senders’ Bias: How Can Top Managers’ Communication Improve Strategy Implementation?

Author(s), Title and Publication Katsuhiko Shimizu, Keio University, Yokohama, Japan (2017). Senders’ bias: How can top managers’ communication improve, or not improve strategy implementation? International Journal of Business Communication, 54(1), 52-69. DOI: 10.1177/2329488416675449 Summary Organizational change can lead to increased uncertainty that, if not addressed, can negatively impact strategy execution. In this study, the author […]

Moral Foundations of Forgiving in the Workplace

Author(s), Title and Publication Paul, G. D. & Putnam, L. L. (2017). Moral foundations of forgiving in the workplace. Western Journal of Communication, 81(1), 43-63. DOI: 10.1080/10570314.2016.1229499 Summary Offensive behavior in the workplace can lead to a number of problems. In this study, the authors examine how coping responses in the workplace are rooted in […]