It’s Not Big Data, It’s Analytics

As I mentioned in my last blog, PR luminaries, including Paul Holmes, are calling for practitioners to tap into “Big Data.” The Summer 2013, Issue of Kellogg Magazine (published by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University) includes “Embracing a Big Data Mindset ” in which Florian Zettelmeyer, professor of marketing at Kellogg and an […]

For the Sake of Transparency: Informing Interviewees

A few days ago, the New York Times printed an intriguing article featuring Scott Howe, CEO of Axciom Corporation, and his decision to embark on a ‘novel public relations strategy: openness.’ The marketing technology company unveiled a free website where consumers in the United States can view some of the information collected about them. The […]

5 Minutes with… Karla Chaves Brenes

This is David Geddes, past chair of the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission and principal of Geddes Analytics. Today I am talking with Karla Chaves Brenes, managing director of the public relations and communications agency Próxima, based in San José, Costa Rica. Próxima specializes in corporate image and social responsibility. Karla, it was nice […]

Understanding the CEO View

As many of you know, the Arthur W. Page Society’s mission is to strengthen the enterprise leadership role of the chief communications offer.  A key target audience, of course, is our C-Suite colleagues, in particular chief executive officers.  To better understand what CEOs really think about strategic communications and, in particular, corporate character and the […]

Five Minutes with… Evgeniy Larionov

The Russian translation of this interview is available at below. Today I am talking with Evgeniy Larionov, CEO of the agency Ex Libris, based in Moscow, Russia. Ex Libris specializes in place branding, public relations research, traditional and social media measurement, and media monitoring. Evgeniy, it was nice to see you take a leading role in […]

Big or Little as Long as it’s Data

Many have commented on Paul Holmes’s call to put “big data at the center.” Paul is one of the luminaries of our industry, and I agree with him completely on this point. However, I would broaden it to include data in general. PR needs to be information- and insight-driven whether the data driving this information […]

Where AVEs came from?

Research from Professor Tom Watson of Bournemouth University in England places the emergence of AVEs to about 80 years ago. He recently published his research in Public Relations Review from where you can obtain a full copy of his paper. This is a summary of how AVEs emerged and became part of PR practice. As […]

The Science beneath the Art of Communications Research – Update, Spring 2013

Paul Holmes’ May 3rd blog, “10 Ways to Design the PR Agency of the Future,” (recently summarized here at IPR Conversations by Alyssa Hubbell on June 26th) challenged PR to put “big data at the center” and to provide “insight to drive meaningful creativity.” The scope of that challenge is hard to overstate, and it […]

Second Thoughts on Secondary Research

In a previous blog I wrote about the lack of good, basic secondary research being conducted and made available.  This is often due to the proprietary nature of business—why let a possible competitor know how you created a measure, strategy, or campaign?  Why do the competitor’s work?  Secondary research informs the practice and helps the […]

HIV Campaign Recognized for Best Use of Research

Each year, the Institute for Public Relations partners with the New York Chapter of PRSA to recognize public relations campaigns with exceptional integration of research, measurement and evaluation. Of all the Big Apple Award winners, one is recognized with IPR’s “Best Use of Research, Measurement and Evaluation Award.” Addressing the challenges surrounding European women with […]

Thoughts on the Passing of Jack Felton

In my last blog entry I talked about the developmental stage of a public relations initiative or campaign.  Between then and now the public relations profession lost a true giant in education and practice—Jack Felton.  I’ve worked with Jack for over 15 years.  He was the force behind the “Primer of Public Relations Research,” especially […]