Reputation as Pillars of Value | The 2016 US Reputation Dividend Report

Warren Buffet’s much repeated mantra ‘We can afford to lose money — even a lot of money. But we can’t afford to lose reputation — even a shred of reputation’ has long asserted the economic case for corporate reputation. While few would disagree, fewer have been able to put a figure on just how much […]

How to Build a Stronger Reputation with Trust and Resiliency

Why do we prefer one company over another? While it’s easy to think that good pricing, an innovative marketing campaign and high-quality products are enough motivation, they’re not. We want more in 2016. When it comes to our food, we expect that it is safe to consume. After you buy a car, you expect it […]

Millennials@Work: Perspectives on Reputation

Download PDF: Millennials@Work: Perspectives on Reputation Research released from leading global communications and engagement firm Weber Shandwick and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) found distinct differences in what Millennials think makes or breaks their reputations at work compared to older generations, especially when it comes to networking and socializing on the job. The survey […]

Reputation Management All the Time

More than two decades ago, when I first dove into the world of reputation management, the field was still in its infancy.  Few business people concerned themselves with it, and the field was only beginning to be understood. Since then, so much has changed.  The mere use of the word “reputation” has grown exponentially from […]

What Do Blog Readers Think? A Survey to Assess Ghost Blogging and Commenting

The study reported on in this article represents an attempt to assess the ethicality of undisclosed ghost blogging. There has been considerable debate on the blogs of public relations practitioners about whether undisclosed ghost blogging is ethical, including a recent survey of practitioners where most respondents expressed approval of undisclosed ghost blogging, provided that the […]

Understanding Stakeholder Engagement: Faith-holders, Hateholders & Fakeholders

Stakeholder engagement has risen on the public relations agenda recently mostly due to the introduction of social media and new hybrid forms of marketing, advertising, and public relations. New technologies have made it possible for organizational messages to have direct stakeholder audience access but only if they are used properly. This article distinguishes between three […]

Enabling, Advising, Supporting, Executing: A Theoretical Framework for Internal Communication Consulting Within Organizations

The idea of communication professionals as consultants and enablers of communication has been expounded by a number of researchers. This is usually linked to the ‘consulting role’ as one of multiple roles enacted by communication professionals. Nevertheless, the specific dimensions and practices of internal communication consulting and its various objectives, forms and specifications have not […]

The Alignment Factor: Academic Foundations & Practical Applications

Just prior to receiving the 2011 Pathfinder Award, the highest academic honor bestowed by the Institute for Public Relations (IPR), Prof. dr. Cees B.M. van Riel presented research-based learnings on corporate reputation, communications and strategic alignment to the IPR Board of Trustees.  Van Riel is professor of corporate communication at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus […]

Corporate Reputation Management in the US Pharmaceutical Industry

This paper deals with the subject of corporate reputation in the U.S. Pharmaceutical sector and whether the allocation of dedicated resource to its management has measurable benefits to the enhancement of that reputation. Kimberley Goldstein, John Doorley, Paul Turner April 2011

Understanding is the Beginning of Approving: Vapid Platitude or Cornerstone of Public

2005 – Does familiarity breed favorability? The researchers have analyzed reputation data for 30 global companies based on responses from 6,000 Americans. The companies represent six different industries: consumer products, automotive, pharmaceutical, entertainment, technology and financial services. For every industry and on every measure studied, the results are consistent. People who report that they are […]

Guidelines for Measuring Trust in Organizations

2003 – A coalition of organizations representing 50,000 professional communicators gathered January 2003 in New Jersey to discuss ways to restore trust in American business.  The coalition agreed on three basic actions that they could recommend to each and every CEO in America. The first two are essentially process issues that are relatively easy to […]

Restoring Trust in Business: Models for Action

The need to restore trust in the minds and hearts of the public, employees and other stakeholders is one of the great challenges faced today by American corporations. To help meet that challenge, the Public Relations Coalition, a partnership of 19 major U.S.-based organizations representing corporate public relations, investor relations, public affairs and related communications […]