What Do Blog Readers Think? A Survey to Assess Ghost Blogging and Commenting

The study reported on in this article represents an attempt to assess the ethicality of undisclosed ghost blogging. There has been considerable debate on the blogs of public relations practitioners about whether undisclosed ghost blogging is ethical, including a recent survey of practitioners where most respondents expressed approval of undisclosed ghost blogging, provided that the […]

Guidelines for Formative and Evaluative Research in Public Affairs

2001 – This report is a narrative description of what the best public affairs programs within and beyond the Department of Energy Office of Science are doing to formulate and assess their operations. We focus on appropriate procedures for formative and evaluative research rather than suggesting specific outcomes. Finally, we organize our white paper along […]

From Strategic Management to Policy Consensus in a Health-related Crisis

Despite growing attention to understanding those dynamics in strategic management of crises, little research has been conducted on health-related crises using the contingency theory. This study seeks to shed more light on the application of contingency theory in health-related crises by analyzing the recent crisis of salmonella=tainted tomatoes, which was the largest food-borne illness outbreak […]

The Impact of Antecedents and Relationship Maintenance Strategies on Perceived Relationship with Political Parties During the 2008 Presidential General Election

This study examined the relationship between registered voters and their political parties against the backdrop of the 2008 presidential general election. It extends existing research on OPRs by investigating them within a political context and by moving beyond current approaches that typically focus on an individual organization and its publics. Antecedents and Relationship Maintenance