Social Media as a Loudspeaker for Nike: Can Image Repair Communication on Facebook Impact Emotion and Responsibility Attribution?

Johnson, Erika Katherine, & Hong, Seoyeon Celine (Winter 2015). Social Media as a Loudspeaker for Nike: Can Image Repair Communication on Facebook Impact Emotion and Responsibility Attribution? Public Relations Journal, 9(4). Summary This study analyzed comments in response to a corrective action statement from Nike on its Facebook page. The results revealed that effortful involvement […]

Is Using Social Media “Good” for the Public Relations Profession? A Critical Reflection

Valentini, Chiara (2015). Is using social media “good” for the public relations profession? A critical reflection. Public Relations Review 41(2), 170-177. Summary This article critically reviews major public relations work on social media to explain why social media has been considered a positive phenomenon for public relations profession. The main argument presented is that social […]

Infusing Social Media with Humanity: Corporate Character, Public Engagement and Relational Outcomes

Men, Linjuan Rita, & Tsai, Wan-Hsiu Sunny (2015). Infusing social media with humanity: Corporate character, public engagement, and relational outcomes. Public Relations Review, 41(3), 395-403. Summary This study links the factors central to social media communications, including perceived corporate character, parasocial interaction, and community identification, to public engagement and organization–public relationships. Based on American users’ […]

Confessions of an Angry Employee: The Dark Side of De-Identified “Confessions” on Facebook.

Krishna, Arunima & Kim, Soojin (2015). Confessions of an angry employee: The dark side of de-identified “confessions” on Facebook. Public Relations Review, 41(3), 404-410. Summary A confessions page is an unofficial organization-specific page on Facebook created for its members to “confess” information (often about the organization) to other members. These pages differ from regular Facebook […]

A Social Networks Approach to Public Relations on Twitter: Social Mediators and Mediated Public Relations.

Itai Himelboim, Guy J. Golan, Bitt Beach Moon & Ryan J. Suto (2014). A social networks approach to public relations on Twitter: Social mediators and mediated public relations. Journal of Public Relations Research, 26(4), 359-379. DOI:10.1080/1062726X.2014.908724 Summary This study proposes theoretical and practical frameworks to systematically examine mediated public relations in social media spaces. We […]

Top Social Media Research Studies for PR

Top 10 Social Media Research Studies for Public Relations Professionals

Fifty-six percent of executives say digital engagement with customers is at least a top-ten company priority, according to a study by McKinsey & Company. The study is one of 10 in the Institute for Public Relations’ “Top 10 Social Media Research Studies for Public Relations Professionals for the Second Half of 2013.” The compilation was […]

The Increasing Importance of Social Media in Everything We Do

Seventy-three percent of online adults use social media, according to the Pew Research Internet Project (Sept. 2013). Furthermore, sixty-three percent of adult cell users use their phones to go online. Speaking about the growing importance of social media, Dr. Tina McCorkindale, Appalachian State University, presented at the 2014 Public Relations Leadership Forum in Chicago. Covering social […]

Examining Modern Media Relations: An Exploratory Study of the Effect of Twitter on the Public Relations – Journalist Relationship

Wilson, Drew, & Supa, Dustin W. (2013). Examining modern media relations: An exploratory study of the effect of Twitter on the public relations – journalist relationship. Public Relations Journal, 7(3), 1-20.  SummaryPublic relations practitioners and journalists rely on media relations to create and disseminate news that is important and relevant to the public. Past studies […]

Is Ghost Blogging Like Speechwriting? A Survey of Practitioners About the Ethics of Ghost Blogging

Gallicano, Tiffany D., Brett, Kevin, & Hopp, Toby (2013). Is ghost blogging like speechwriting? A survey of practitioners about the ethics of ghost blogging. Public Relations Journal, 7(3), 1-41.  SummaryAlthough online practices such as astroturfing have been established as unethical, considerable debate exists in the public relations community about whether organizational ghost blogging is ethical. […]

Social Media Bookmarking Services: Managing and Sharing Information from a Centralized Source

Freberg, Karen, Palenchar, Michael J., & Veil, Shari R. (2013). Social media bookmarking services: Managing and sharing information from a centralized source. Public Relations Review, 39(3), 178-184. SummarySocial media outlets are becoming mainstream venues for strategic communication practitioners, and how information is shared is critical. Analysis of social bookmarks regarding H1N1 demonstrate the CDC was […]

Using Value Modeling to Evaluate Social Media Messages: The Case of Hurricane Irene

Freberg, Karen, Saling, Kristin, Vidoloff, Kathleen, G., & Eosco, Gina (2013). Using value modeling to evaluate social media messages: The case of Hurricane Irene. Public Relations Review, 39(3), 185-192. SummaryAdvances in social media have opened a world of opportunities for crisis communication professionals and public affairs specialists for sharing information across public and private sectors […]