Where Does My Money Go? How Online Comments Can Influence a Fundraising Campaign

Wiencierz, Christian; Pöppel, Katharina G.; & Röttger, Ulrike (2015). Where does my money go? How online comments on a donation campaign influence the perceived trustworthiness of a nonprofit organization. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 9(2), 102-117. DOI: 10.1080/1553118X.2015.1008634 Summary Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are increasingly using social media to spread campaigns. Little research has focused on […]

Handling Complaints on Social Network Sites – An Analysis of Complaints and Complaint Responses on Facebook and Twitter Pages of Large US Companies

Einwiller, Sabine A.; & Steilen, Sarah (2015). Handling complaints on social network sites – An analysis of complaints and complaint responses on Facebook and Twitter pages of large US companies. Public Relations Review, 41(2), 195-204. Summary Social media provide numerous possibilities for people to voice complaints about organizations in public. This can damage the reputation […]