Digital Publics: Tracking and Reaching Them

Plowman, Kenneth D.; Wakefield, Robert I.; & Winchel, Beki. (2015). Digital publics: Tracking and reaching them. Public Relations Review, 41(2), 272-277. Summary The utility of this study is to show how social media can reach out to digital publics in the use of tactics in strategic communications planning. A significant difference between traditional media messages […]

Strategic Social Media Management and Public Relations Leadership: Insights from Industry Leaders

Luo, Yi, Jiang, Hua, & Kulemeka, Owen (2015). Strategic social media management and public relations leadership: Insights from industry leaders. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 9, 167-197. Summary To understand how social media are reshaping the public relations profession, it is vital to examine the perceptions of public relations leaders who are typically involved in […]

Reputations at Risk: Engagement During Social Media Crises

Ott, Larissa; & Theunissen, Petra (2015). Reputations at risk: Engagement during social media crises. Public Relations Review, 41(1), 97–102. Summary As people spend more time on the Internet, managing reputation on social media becomes increasingly important for public relations. The latest figures show that Internet users spend most of their time on social networks, and […]

Who Is Responsible for What? Examining Strategic Roles in Social Media Management

Neill, Marlene S., & Moody, Mia (2015). Who is responsible for what? Examining strategic roles in social media management, Public Relations Review, 41 (1), 109-118. Summary This study examined the strategic roles and responsibilities associated with social media management through the lens of role theory. The authors identified nine strategic roles and the associated responsibilities […]