Looking for Digital in Public Relations

Verčič, Dejan; Tkalac Verčič, Ana; & Sriramesh, Krishnamurthy (2015). Looking for digital in public relations. Public Relations Review, 41(2), 142-152. Summary The purpose of this study was to review the growth of the body of knowledge on the nexus between public relations and ICTs, and digital, social and mobile (DSM) media. This study sought to […]

Exploring Big Data and Privacy in Strategic Communication Campaigns: A Cross-Cultural Study of Mobile Social Media Users’ Daily Experiences

Yang, Kenneth C. C.; & Kang, Yowei (2015). Exploring Big Data and privacy in strategic communication campaigns: A cross-cultural study of mobile social media users’ daily experiences. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 9(2), 87-101.  Summary The combination of social networking and mobile technologies presents a fascinating phenomenon because the pervasive nature of mobile technologies significantly […]

Smartphones, Publics and OPR: Do Publics Want to Engage?

Avidar, Ruth; Ariel, Yaron; Malka, Vered; & Levy, C. Eilat (2015). Smartphones, publics, and OPR: Do publics want to engage? Public Relations Review, 41(2), 214-221. Summary Smartphones offer new opportunities for public-organization engagement. The current study focuses on the actual usage of smartphones, as well as users’ willingness to engage with organizations via smartphones. A […]

An Analysis of the Mobile Readiness and Dialogic Principles on Fortune 500 Mobile Websites

McCorkindale, Tina, & Morgoch, Meredith (2013). An analysis of the mobile readiness and dialogic principles on Fortune 500 mobile websites. Public Relations Review, 39(3), 193-197. Summary With the rise in mobile technologies, companies must be aware of how various stakeholders are using their websites through their mobile devices. Using a content analysis, this study analyzed […]