The Rise of Millennials Engaging in Online Slacktivisim

Millennials have shared interests and are less divided on their social and religious views compared to previous generations. Through social media, Millennials across the globe are connecting with each other about some of the most pressing social-political issues of our time. The onset of the social media boom has given rise to online activism – […]

Social Media as a Loudspeaker for Nike: Can Image Repair Communication on Facebook Impact Emotion and Responsibility Attribution?

Johnson, Erika Katherine, & Hong, Seoyeon Celine (Winter 2015). Social Media as a Loudspeaker for Nike: Can Image Repair Communication on Facebook Impact Emotion and Responsibility Attribution? Public Relations Journal, 9(4). Summary This study analyzed comments in response to a corrective action statement from Nike on its Facebook page. The results revealed that effortful involvement […]

Dialogic Communication Through “Pinning”: An Analysis of Top 10 Most-Followed Organizations’ Pinterest Profiles.

Agozzino, Alisa (2015). Dialogic communication through “pinning”: An analysis of top 10 most-followed organizations’ Pinterest profiles. Public Relations Journal, 9 (3). Summary The current study aims to explore how the top 10 most-followed organizations on Pinterest (defined by Mashable) build relationships through the dialogical communication framework. The study seeks to determine the dialogic features present […]

Is the Size or the Valence of Proactive Engagement Associated with Purchase Intention? A Case Study of Branded Blogs of Starbucks

Wang, Ye; Qiao, Fei; & Peng, Wei (2015). Is the size or the valence of proactive engagement associated with purchase intention? A Case study of branded blogs of Starbucks. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 9(3), 197-216. Summary With an increasing number of organizations and brands involved in content marketing, it is becoming increasingly urgent for […]

Digital Publics: Tracking and Reaching Them

Plowman, Kenneth D.; Wakefield, Robert I.; & Winchel, Beki. (2015). Digital publics: Tracking and reaching them. Public Relations Review, 41(2), 272-277. Summary The utility of this study is to show how social media can reach out to digital publics in the use of tactics in strategic communications planning. A significant difference between traditional media messages […]

Listening to Digital Publics | Investigating Citizens’ Voices and Engagement within Italian Municipalities’ Facebook Pages

Lovari, Alessandro, & Parisi, Lorenza (2015). Listening to digital publics. Investigating citizens’ voices and engagement within Italian municipalities’ Facebook pages. Public Relations Review, 41(2), 205-213. Summary This paper adopts a public-oriented perspective to investigate citizens’ voices and engagement within 10 Italian municipalities’ Facebook Pages. It investigates the motivations to become Facebook fan of a municipality, […]

Dialogic Communication in the Health Care Context: A Case Study of Kaiser Permanente’s Social Media Practices

Hether, Heather Jane (2014). Dialogic communication in the health care context: A case study of Kaiser Permanente’s social media practices. Public Relations Review, 40(5), 856-858. DOI: 10.1016/j.pubrev.2014.07.007 Summary This case study examines how one of the largest not-for-profit health care organizations in the US, Kaiser Permanente (KP), uses social media to communicate with its stakeholders. […]

Gender and Politics: Patriarchal Discourse on Social Media

Demirhan, Kamil & Çakır-Demirhan, Derya (2015). Gender and politics: Patriarchal discourse on social media. Public Relations Review 41(2), 308–310. Summary Social media is an alternative communication space embedded with opportunities for free and equal participation. However, it perpetuates the dominant discourses on society. This study analyzed Twitter for the production of patriarchal discourse on women […]

How Professional Athletes Use Hashtags and Retweets to Engage Their Fanbase

Watkins, Brandi, & Lewis, Regina (2014). Initiating dialogue on social media: An investigation of athletes’ use of dialogic principles and structural features of Twitter. Public Relations Review, 40(5), 853-855. Summary Public relations scholars have considered engaging in dialogue to be an effective strategy for building relationships with the public. This study extends research on using […]

Multiple Voices and Multiple Media: Co-Constructing BP’s Crisis Response

Chewning, Lisa V. (2015). Multiple voices and multiple media: Co-constructing BP’s crisis response. Public Relations Review, 41(1)72-79. Summary This article explores the impact of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the field of crisis communication, and argues that the term “crisis response” needs to be re-conceptualized in order to include the polyvocality of crisis […]

The Role of Social Media in Local Government Crisis Communications

Graham, Melissa W., Avery, Elizabeth J., & Park, Sejin (2015). The role of social media in local government crisis communications, Public Relations Review, 41(3), 386-394. Summary Despite the enormous value social media yield governments in communicating with citizens, there is scant research on the extent to which local governments are actually using social media for […]

Reputations at Risk: Engagement During Social Media Crises

Ott, Larissa; & Theunissen, Petra (2015). Reputations at risk: Engagement during social media crises. Public Relations Review, 41(1), 97–102. Summary As people spend more time on the Internet, managing reputation on social media becomes increasingly important for public relations. The latest figures show that Internet users spend most of their time on social networks, and […]