Online Activists vs. Kraft Foods: A Case of Social Media Hijacking

Veil, Shari R.; Reno, Jenna; Freihaut, Rebecca; & Oldham, Jordan (2015). Online activists vs. Kraft Foods: A case of social media hijacking. Public Relations Review, 41(1), 103-108. doi:10.1016/j.pubrev.2014.11.017 Summary In April 2013, Vani Hari, activist and author of the blog Food Babe, petitioned Kraft to remove from their products the petroleum-based dyes that have been […]

Digital Native at Work

Engagement across Three Social Media Platforms: An Exploratory Study of a Cause-Related PR Campaign

Summary This study analyzed a social media campaign promoting child welfare to explore the associations among people’s social media use, their engagement with the campaign’s different social media platforms (blog, Facebook, Twitter), and three intended behavioral outcomes (social media behavior, offline communication behavior, and helping behavior). An online survey of 73 participants shows people’s use […]

Speech Bubble Reviews

How Internet Communications Are Affecting (and Being Affected by) the Spiral of Silence: Possible Implications for Grassroots Campaigns

Summary Previous research conducted on Noelle-Neumann’s spiral of silence theory has focused on how the theory manifests itself in various real-life situations, primarily in large and small group settings. Little research however, has explored what, if anything, changes when the spiral of silence theory is tested in an online environment. This paper is a mix […]

Dialogic strategies and outcomes: A review of environmental advocacy groups’ Facebook profiles

Bortree, Denise Sevick & Seltzer, Trent (2009). Dialogic strategies and outcomes: A review of environmental advocacy groups’ Facebook profiles. Public Relations Review 35(3), 317-319. This study examined if dialogic strategies utilized by environmental advocacy groups via their Facebook social networking profiles lead to greater dialogic engagement between organizations and visitors. The results offer the first […]