Examining Modern Media Relations: An Exploratory Study of the Effect of Twitter on the Public Relations – Journalist Relationship

Wilson, Drew, & Supa, Dustin W. (2013). Examining modern media relations: An exploratory study of the effect of Twitter on the public relations – journalist relationship. Public Relations Journal, 7(3), 1-20.  SummaryPublic relations practitioners and journalists rely on media relations to create and disseminate news that is important and relevant to the public. Past studies […]

Intermedia Agenda Building of the Blogoshpere: Public Relations Role in the Network

Bypassing media gatekeepers and directly reaching publics, blogs allow organizations and clients to be represented in the best possible manner. Full of opportunity, the blogosphere is also filled with competition. To use it to its full advantage, it’s important to understand how the network functions. This research explores how intermedia agenda building relates to the […]

The Relationship between CEO Media Coverage and Overall Organization Media Coverage

This study examines the relationship between the tone and visibility of media coverage about a CEO and an organization’s overall media tone and visibility. This paper also examines how the topic of media coverage (strategy/vision, product, CSR, positioning, financial performance) impacts the relationship between CEO media tone and organization media tone. A content analysis was […]

Media catching and the journalist-public relations practitioner relationship: How social media are changing the practice of media relations

Waters, Richard D.; Tindall, Natalie T. J.; & Morton, Timothy S. (2010). Media catching and the journalist-public relations practitioner relationship:  How social media are changing the practice of media relations.  Journal of Public Relations Research, 22(3), 241-264. With the changing media environment and the evolving online atmosphere, traditional media relations strategies (e.g., news release and […]

International Media Analysis Made Simple

More and more organizations need to measure their media coverage globally, but how can they do this cost effectively? This paper takes a very granular approach to helping the reader define business goals and objectives; determine suitable measures; analyze media content needs; evaluate dashboard systems; determine language and analysis processes; develop measurement scorecards; select provider […]

Proposed Interim Standards for Metrics in Traditional Media Analysis

June 2012 – Organizations engage in traditional media relations for many reasons and their objectives for analyzing the media coverage may be similarly varied. Media coverage can serve as a proxy for public perception and is relatively inexpensive and accessible. Public relations professionals apply media analysis to help demonstrate the value of PR, provide insights […]

Exploring the Link between Share of Media Coverage and Business Outcomes

April 2007 – Building upon a foundation established in “Exploring the Link between Volume of Media Coverage and Business Outcomes,” this paper looks at the effect of competitive share of media coverage volume on business results. Through four case studies on a non-profit hospital, a pharmaceutical brand, a B2B service and a package goods manufacturer, […]

Exploring the Comparative Communications Effectiveness of Advertising and Media Placement

2007 – Researchers found public relations placements and advertising to be equally effective in generating consumer interest in a newly launched product. No statistically significant difference between ad and editorial in an experiment focused on key measures of credibility, knowledge, interest and purchase intent. Although the respondents said that they got more information from the news […]

Exploring the Link Between Volume of Media Coverage and Business Outcomes

2006 – This paper suggests a strong relationship between coverage volume and business outcomes, with three case studies looking at volume alone, tonality-refined volume, and message-refined volume. Exploring the Link Between Volume of Media Coverage and Business Outcomes Angela Jeffrey, David Michaelson, and Don W. Stacks 2006

Perspectives on the ROI of Media Relations Publicity Efforts

May 2006 – This paper discusses several different approaches to deriving a Return-on-Investment (ROI) for the support provided by media relations publicity efforts within a marketing campaign. The primary questions discussed in the paper are whether it is possible to show that media publicity helped generate sales or other business outcomes, and can a financial […]

A New Model for Media Content Analysis

2005 – The premise of the authors is that the media content analysis methods commonly in use fail to address the fundamental information needs of public relations professionals. Currently public relations professionals rely on eight basic methods of content analysis. This paper reviews each of these methods and points out the fundamental flaws in each […]