What You Need To Know To Measure Investor Relations

2003 – The goal of this paper is to introduce the basic concepts of investor relations and the measurement of that function. It is intended to be a primer rather than an advanced textbook. Investors and those who influence investors are a multi-dimensional and interconnected constituency. To be effective, investor relations executives need to understand the […]

The Value of Investor Relations: A Delphi Panel Investigation

Investor relations officers (IROs) say that one of the biggest challenges of their work is proving to management that investor relations contributes value to the organization. This study first provides a theoretical overview of suggestions in the literature of the contribution of investor relations to the organizational bottom line. Secondly, this theoretical overview serves as a […]

Love, Hate and Surviving Stakeholder Emotions

The paper approaches the neglected area of stakeholder emotions and focuses on the reasons behind the arising of feelings towards organizations, as well as their possible consequences for organizational legitimacy. Trust becomes a key concept (Kramer & Tyler 1996, Bentele 2005, Fukuyama 1995), when organizations aim to deal with public displays of emotion. Download PDF: […]

Investor Relations

This article provides a brief summary of what we know today about investor relations based on the academic and professional research. It allows us to define investor relations, provide a brief overview of the investor relations evolution and discuss the current state and future trends in the investor relations profession. This paper also lists some […]

Timing Retail Investor Communications with Wave Theory

The methods of investor relations (IR) are continuing to undergo change in the wake of scandals, revised government regulations and legislation, increased knowledge levels of investment community, and overall societal desires for transparency and ethical business operation. Drawing from wave theory and selected other technical indicators for equity market analysis, we identify the particular wave segments […]

Illusions of Trust

In this post-Enron society, trust in companies has never been lower. The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act was designed to improve investor confidence by making CEOs and CFOs of public companies legally accountable for the veracity and integrity of their financial statements. Prior research has shown that the executive letter is the most widely read section of […]