A Revolution of Ethics in Public Relations

This blog post is a part of IPR’s 60th Anniversary Celebration. Sometimes the origin of an innate good is created from an unlikely source, one that is considered evil, corrupt, or even deleterious. Consider one of the most poisonous substances on earth produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum: Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that blocks […]

How Millennials Deal with Ethical Dilemmas | Study by PRSA & The Arthur W. Page Center

As the oldest members of the Millennial generation are now beginning to take on management and other key decision-making responsibilities, we need to expand our understanding of this generation’s attitudes toward ethical decision-making in the workplace. Many identify Millennials, also known as Generation Y, as those born between 1981 or 1982 through 2000, and they […]

What Do Blog Readers Think? A Survey to Assess Ghost Blogging and Commenting

The study reported on in this article represents an attempt to assess the ethicality of undisclosed ghost blogging. There has been considerable debate on the blogs of public relations practitioners about whether undisclosed ghost blogging is ethical, including a recent survey of practitioners where most respondents expressed approval of undisclosed ghost blogging, provided that the […]

Shannon A. Bowen, Ph.D., and Don W. Stacks, Ph.D.

Toward the Establishment of Ethical Standardization in Public Relations Research, Measurement and Evaluation

At the Measurement Summit 3.1, a “think-fest” on the future of public relations research standards conducted by the IPR Measurement Commission, Don W. Stacks, Ph.D., presented “Toward the Establishment of Ethical Standardization in Public Relations Research, Measurement and Evaluation,” on behalf of Shannon A. Bowen, Ph.D., and himself.  The presentation was based on a paper […]

Ethical Standards and Guidelines for Public Relations Research and Measurement

This statement of ethical standards and guidelines for public relations research was developed by a team of the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission headed by Shannon Bowen, Ph.D, John Gilfeather and Brad Rawlins, Ph.D. This statement was approved by the IPR Measurement Commission on March 7, 2012. This is a discussion document that will […]

Using Relationship Management to Encourage Ethical Practice Among Cultural Strangers

This study reports data from a nationwide survey of the Millennial Generation of public relations agency employees. We examined organization-employee relationships and factors affecting ethical decision making. The survey employed Hon and Grunig’s (1999) scales to measure relationship outcomes: control mutuality, trust, commitment, and satisfaction. The results of the organization-employee measures were reported in previous […]

New research gives us a gimpse inside ethical choices

New research on ethics presented at AEJMC Conference, Aug. 6 – 9, 2008 As a paper respondent for the Media Ethics Division (MED) of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) in Chicago, I had the pleasure of reading and critiquing the division’s Top Paper and some other fine research on ethics. […]

The mysterious interlinking of ethics and respect

DISCUSSION: To what extent do you see reputation and ethics as intertwined factors of success? Toyota edged out competition to win the title of “Most Respected Company in the World” 2008 as judged by the Reputation Institute. Respect and ethics are inextricable linked in the minds of philosophers and ethics scholars of all varieties. But […]

New PR ethics study out!

New ethics article on counseling management Please note that I cannot post the entire article due to copyright and embargo rules. From JPRR, copyright 2008 Taylor and Francis: Here’s the abstract! Ryan and Martinson (1983) and other scholars argued that the corporate conscience role should belong in the public relations function. But, how common is […]

Cases for Discussion

Need ethics examples from practitioners! Thank you for visiting my work on ethics! Now that you have visited the “ETHICS IN PUBLIC RELATIONS” part of the Essential Knowledge Project (generously supported by the Institute), I would like to ask—no, beg—for your feedback! I am particularly interested in hearing from practitioners. I would love your thoughts […]

Ethics and Public Relations

The central purpose of this article is to provide an overview of ethics in public relations. I review the evolution of public relations ethics, the current state of practice, and the thoughts of ethicists. Executive Summary The central purpose of this article is to provide an overview of ethics in public relations. I review the […]