Four Ways Educators Can Bridge the Gap Between Research and the Practice of PR

Public relations remains in the early stages of its development as a multi-paradigmatic discipline that can simultaneously demonstrate both academic and practical value. Public relations educators regularly walk the line between top-down theoretical discussions and the bottom-up tactical skill sets that students often desire most. Public relations programs are described as professional- or academic- degrees; […]

Contributions to Education: Exploring the Work of the Commission for Public Relations Education

Since 1975, the Commission for Public Relations Education (CPRE) has been at the forefront of public relations education through publication of research-based recommendations identified by an independent body of public relations educators and practitioners. Today, the CPRE is comprised of 65 academics and professionals representing universities, organizations, and associations, including representatives from: Arthur W. Page […]

The Three Pillars of PR Education in the Future

Attempting to write about the future of education in our field is a pretty daunting task, but one I am happy to tackle because of my enthusiasm for the topic. I’ve had the good fortune of working on a number of educational initiatives at the university and national level, and I enjoy a broad network […]

How IPR Can Help Educate Future Public Relations Practitioners

The explosion of social and digital media in recent years has fueled job opportunities and the number of educational programs in public relations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that the public relations field will grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024 and that 14,900 new jobs will need to be filled. Student enrollment in public relations programs […]

There Is Nothing as Practical as a Good Public Relations Theory

In a previous post, “Time to Reinvent the Wheel for PR Education,” I delved into the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) archives and featured their Wheel of Education model. At the centre of the wheel model is the theory and practice of public relations. Public relations practice is rapidly adapting to contemporary communication challenges and opportunities […]

Time to Reinvent the Wheel for PR Education

This summer, I participated in the 2015 International History of Public Relations Conference in Bournemouth, UK, and like Melissa Dodd, I valued the opportunity to interact with international scholars with diverse experience and perspectives. My conference paper topic was the history of public relations education, with a focus on the role of the International Public […]

Writing Skills are Highest Priority for New PR Hires

Do PR and marketing graduates seeking jobs in PR agencies have what it takes? Do they have the right education, knowledge and skills? Do they have the preferred personality traits? According to the latest survey from Gould+Partners, PR M&A specialists and management consultants, the answers depend on the agencies’ wants and needs. Entitled “What PR […]

Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement & Research, Third Edition, Simplified & Traditional Chinese Translation

The Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research has become one of the most popular papers the Institute for Public Relations has ever published. This third edition is translated into simplified and traditional Chinese by Dr. Chun-Ju Flora Hung-Baesecke, Massey University, and Dr. Yi-Ru Regina Chen, Hong Kong Baptist University. It covers an expanded number of terms, addition […]

Setting Standards for Graduate Education in Public Relations

While the number of public relations graduate programs in the United States nearly tripled since 2000, inconsistent curricula and degree requirements may be lowering the value of this education and creating confusion for students, educators and employers.   Three studies by the Commission on Public Relations Education (co-chaired by IPR President & CEO Frank Ovaitt) include […]

Philanthropy for Public Relations Education

“Philanthropy for Public Relations Education: 2010 Follow-up Study,” updates research that was published in 2006 by Dr. Kathleen Kelly, University of Florida, and the Commission on Public Relations Education. Both the 2006 and 2010 reports measured the extent and the amount of philanthropy directed to U.S.-based public relations education. Despite the recession, the research uncovered […]