How to Communicate Effectively During Operational and Reputation Crises

When planning and preparing, crisis managers need to think about both operational and reputational crises. Operational crises are traditional crises and reflect the early definitions of organizational crises that included the key characteristic of operational disruption or potential operational disruption. Operational crises threaten to reduce an organization’s ability to generate revenues. Industrial and transportation accidents […]

Who is Leading Whom in the General Motors Recall

Understanding Media Impact on Public Relations Efforts, Public Awareness, and Financial Markets Download Full Paper: Who is Leading Whom in the General Motors Recall: Understanding Media Impact on Public Relations Efforts, Public Awareness, and Financial Markets EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Who is Leading Whom in the General Motors Recall: Understanding Media Impact on Public Relations Efforts, Public Awareness, and Financial […]

Defending the Legitimacy of Amazon’s Corporate Culture

Many organizations face circumstances in which the public challenges their legitimacy. S. Prakash Sethi labeled these situations as legitimacy gaps and Bob Heath and Michael Palenchar claimed they are caused by issues of fact (misperceptions of the company’s actual behaviors); issues of policy (disapproval of one or more of the organization’s policies); and issues of […]

Three Lessons Learned from Subway’s Crisis

When a crisis occurs, an organization needs to go above and beyond the publics’ expectations to manage the situation.  The recent affair with Subway tests the foundational elements of crisis management. In early July, it was reported that federal agents raided Subway’s longtime pitchman Jared Fogle’s home where they seized electronics and computers. These early […]

Managing a Health Crisis on Facebook: How the Response Strategies of Apology, Sympathy, and Information Influence Public Relations

DiStaso, Marcia Watson, Vafeiadis, Michail, & Amaral, Chelsea (2014). Managing a health crisis on Facebook: How the response strategies of apology, sympathy, and information influence public relations. Public Relations Review, 41(1), 222-231. Summary This study investigated what response strategies are the most effective on Facebook in the wake of a health crisis. Overall, it was […]

Dr. Hua Jiang

Dedicated Employees are the Most Valuable Assets during a Crisis

Although most crisis communication research focuses on external stakeholders’ communicative behavior, some recent academic and professional studies have recognized the value and importance of employee communication in a crisis. Successful internal communication helps an organization to minimize the risk of employees’ negative crisis reactions affecting its reputation and turn them into effective evangelists advocating for […]

Timothy Coombs

Crisis Management and Communications (Updated September 2014)

This is an updated version of Crisis Management and Communications by Dr. W. Timothy Coombs. The original version can be found here. Download Accompanying Infographics: IPR-Crisis-Preparation-Best-Practics-Coombs and IPR-Crisis-Media-Training-Best-Practices-Coombs Introduction It was important to update the crisis communication entry for two reasons. One, there has been a significant amount of new research since the original entry was created. This […]

Timothy Coombs

State of Crisis Communication: Evidence and the Bleeding Edge

Dr. W. Timothy Coombs of the University of Central Florida provides guidance for crisis communicators by describing what researchers have found to be the most effective crisis communication practices, including contemporary concerns such as the role played by social media.

How Theory Informs Practice: Situational Crisis Communication Theory

(View full-length video) Dr. W. Timothy Coombs, Nicholson School of Communication, University of Central Florida, 2013 IPR Pathfinder Award winner November 21, 2013 Comparing effective vs. ineffective crisis communication, Dr. Coombs explains the relationship between practice, theory and research. PDF: How Theory Informs Practice: Situational Crisis Communication Theory: Coombs Pathfinder 2013

Hokuetsu Paper Mills

In 2006, Japan’s largest paper mill company, Oji Paper, announced it would launch an unsolicited takeover bid for 50.1 percent of Hokuetsu Paper Mills, the sixth largest paper mill company in Japan. A pivotal event for Japan, Hokuetsu Paper’s legal advisers suggested the company ask communication advisory firm Media Gain to join its defense task […]

The Toyota recall crisis: Media impact on Toyota’s corporate brand reputation

Winner of the 2011 Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award for excellence in research, measurement and evaluation, this study applied predictive analytics in an action-oriented and cost-effective model to show how corporate reputation can be directly predicted by document sentiment. The award was presented at the 2011 North American Summit on PR Measurement. The video and […]

How to Measure Your Results in a Crisis

2002 – The survival of an organization’s reputation during a crisis depends on its internal culture, strength of its communications and integrity of its leadership. Despite the urgency of all management and communications efforts in a crisis, today’s technologies make it possible to effectively monitor public impact and reaction virtually in real time, and to […]