Exploring the Comparative Communications Effectiveness of Advertising and Media Placement

2007 – Researchers found public relations placements and advertising to be equally effective in generating consumer interest in a newly launched product. No statistically significant difference between ad and editorial in an experiment focused on key measures of credibility, knowledge, interest and purchase intent. Although the respondents said that they got more information from the news […]

Dispelling the Myth of PR Multipliers and Other Inflationary Audience Measures

August 2006 – Multipliers are often used by public relations professionals to factor circulation or audience figures when calculating impressions. Multipliers are generally rationalized by users to take into account pass-along circulation and/or to assign a higher value to PR impressions than advertising impressions due to a perceived higher level of credibility. The authors argue […]

Advertising Value Equivalency

2003 – The idea of Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) has been around for many years. It has generated much debate in the Public Relations industry, with this debate focusing on both its reliability and validity. Many people are attracted to it because it appears able to put a dollar value on media coverage and, by […]

An Empirical Analysis of Legitimacy Gap in an Issue of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in Pharmaceutical Industry

This paper aims to examine the legitimacy gap between publics’ perceived societal expectation and an organizational behavior for different types of issues in the pharmaceutical industry. Public’s perceived societal expectations will be conceptualized as types of framing themes in the news coverage and organizational behaviors as types of framing themes in news releases. They will […]

The Use of Integrated Marketing Communications by U.S. Non-profit Organizations

This research aims to expand the knowledge about United States non-profit organizations’ current use of integrated marketing communications (IMC) to build relationships with stakeholders. A quantitative online survey was distributed to a stratified random sample of communication professionals at non-profit organizations. Download PDF: The Use of Integrated Marketing Communications by U.S. Non-profit Organizations

Representing PR in the Marketing Mix: A Study on PR Variables in Marketing Mix Modeling

In spite of increasing emphasis on coordinating all communication activities (including advertising, sales, promotion, and public relations), few studies have empirically examined this interplay of communication activities and the investigation of integrated marketing communication has received little attention in public relations scholarship. The purpose of this study is to explore companies’ use of integrated marketing […]

How Big Is Public Relations (and Why Does It Matter)?

This paper, The Economic Impact of Our Profession, argues that our identity as a profession – not just a service industry of practitioners for hire, not just a management function of the staff variety – has a strong connection to issues of size and economic impact on society at large. Download PDF: How Big Is […]