An Infrastructure to Govern Global Stakeholder Relationships

Back in 2010 IPR published this post written by me titled, “Global Stakeholder Relationship Governance.” Four years later, Palgrave Macmillan has just published this new book, “Global Stakeholder Relationships Governance: An Infrastructure,” that includes, besides a good part of my post, other excellent contributions from Jim Grunig, Emilio Galli Zugaro and Joao Duarte. How has […]

For the Sake of Transparency: Informing Interviewees

A few days ago, the New York Times printed an intriguing article featuring Scott Howe, CEO of Axciom Corporation, and his decision to embark on a ‘novel public relations strategy: openness.’ The marketing technology company unveiled a free website where consumers in the United States can view some of the information collected about them. The […]

Putting the Global Policy Journal on Your Reading List

As members of the global public relations community, we sometimes ruminate amongst ourselves.  But out of shyness, arrogance or distraction, we fail to circulate thoughts outside our own, more comfortable, friendly and ‘politically correct’ intellectual environment. We also tend to resist the explicit inclusion in our work of arguments, concepts or methods that come from […]

Global Stakeholder Relationship Governance

This paper positions effective governance of stakeholder relationships as the new global frontier of the public relations and communication profession. This paper is dedicated to the art and science of stakeholder relationships governance from an organizational, systemic and relational perspective. The author contends that however complex it may be in today’s environment, the process of […]

Personal Influence Model

A public relator’s personal relationships network has always been considered an essential (when not the essential) part of her/his professional assets. Where and when it is also described as a model of practice, it seems to be the most universally adopted, quite contrary to the stereotype that it is mostly practiced in Asia. “I think […]

Communicating Responsibility

This paper is a two-tiered exploration of Corporate Responsibility and Communication. It begins with an exploration of the history, theory, and other drivers of Corporate Responsibility, and is matched with qualitative research with representatives from companies heralded for their CR practice to answer the questions: “what drives an organizations’ CR communication? How does the organization’s […]

Toni Muzi Falconi: From Personal to Organizational Influence

“I think that PR has always been about relationships, but it has changed fundamentally in that relationships have almost become the primary responsibility of a PR practitioner-and it’s not just with the Wall Street Journal or New York Times-it’s relationships with everyone who has a significant influence on the reputation of your company. I think […]

How Big Is Public Relations (and Why Does It Matter)?

This paper, The Economic Impact of Our Profession, argues that our identity as a profession – not just a service industry of practitioners for hire, not just a management function of the staff variety – has a strong connection to issues of size and economic impact on society at large. Download PDF: How Big Is […]