The Science of Influence: How Social Media Affects Decision Making in the Healthcare, Travel, Retail and Financial Industries

The Science of Influence: How Social Media Affects Decision Making in the Healthcare, Travel, Retail and Financial Industries Download Report: Science of Influence – Report Download Infographic: Science of Influence – Infographic Executive Summary In a survey of 1,783 internet users, this study explored the level of influence social media has in four industries: healthcare, […]

Why Measurement Should be Non-Negotiable: Presented by Dr. Tina McCorkindale at the 2017 AMEC Conference

IPR President and CEO, Dr. Tina McCorkindale, traveled to Thailand to present at the 2017 AMEC Conference in Bangkok. She presented the following speech during the session, “Measurement and the PR & Communications Professional: Why Measurement Should be Non-negotiable!” Download (PDF): Measurement and the PR & Communications Professional: Why Measurement Should be Non-negotiable! Thank you […]

Intertwining Organizational Clarity and Corporate Character

In May, the Institute for Public Relations released survey results in a report investigating the concept of Organizational Clarity, defined as the understanding and alignment an individual employee has about the organization and its vision, mission, values, strategy, and competitive reality. Similar to Organizational Clarity is the Page Society concept of Corporate Character, espoused in […]

Why is Measuring What We Do Still a Challenge?

This is the second in a series of blog posts for Measurement Month. Measurement, measurement, measurement. This term still plagues our industry, and is often in the spotlight as one of the areas where our profession needs improvement. Twenty-five years ago, under the leadership of Jack Felton, the Institute for Public Relations formed the Measurement […]

Ward White

In Remembrance of Ward White | “In All Things Give Thanks”

Earlier this week, the field lost a great supporter and friend in Ward White. He was passionate about the profession and a fighter for the greater good. He cared tremendously about education. At Northwestern Mutual, he helped champion the Master’s Thesis of the Year award, given annually by IPR. I won that award 15 years […]

Designing the Best Human in an Age of Disruption

This is the first blog post in a two-part series highlighting the work of the 2016 IPR Annual Distinguished Lecturer Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor-at-Large at Fortune. Last week, PRWeek reported global PR revenue increased 5% in 2015 due in large part to digital media and technologies that have disrupted our industry. But what about the […]

The Road to Diversity: An Interview with PRSA Foundation President Torod Neptune

PRSA Foundation President Torod Neptune sat down with IPR President & CEO Tina McCorkindale to discuss the future of diversity in the field of public relations. What attracted you to the position of president with the PRSA Foundation? Originally I was inspired about the opportunity to support expanding the pool of talented, equipped practitioners entering […]

Dr. Tina McCorkindale

Three Motivators to Drive Employee Success

Organizations often reward its employees for performance by dangling “carrots” and other incentives to help reach business goals and objectives. But does this motivate employees? For Daniel Pink, the bestselling author of Drive, the answer is no. According to Pink, there is a gap between what science knows and what business does. While common sense […]

A Farewell to Frank

Thank you for your years of leadership as CEO and President of IPR. Last month, Frank Ovaitt retired from the Institute for Public Relations after serving an incredible nine years devoted to promoting IPR and research that matters to the practice. Frank is also the first CEO of IPR to have retired twice from the […]

Dr. Tina McCorkindale

Lessons Learned from the Global Alliance Association Leaders Workshop

Last week, I attended the Association Leaders Workshop at the Global Alliance meeting in Milan, Italy. The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management is a confederation of major public relations and communication management associations and institutions, representing 160,000 practitioners and academics from around the world. Gathered at the two-day workshop were 40 leaders […]

Dr. Tina McCorkindale

Ethical Divergence in Social Media

Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D., President & CEO, Institute for Public Relations Hilary Fussell Sisco, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Strategic Communication, Quinnipiac University This presentation was conducted at the 65th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) in San Juan, Puerto Rico in May of 2015. Dr. Tina McCorkindale and Dr. Hilary Fussell […]