From Winning with Data to the Future of Fake Facts

This post appears as a part of AMEC’s Measurement Month. Last week, the SmallDataForum convened – this time to explore questions related to the opportunities and challenges of data in business, the rational and emotional side of decision-making, and the continuing erosion of trust and confidence in the truthfulness of information. Stephen Fry’s fabulous narration […]

The Facebook Files: Machine Learning and Fake News Continues

This post appears courtesy of LexisNexis and the author Thomas Stoeckle, the Head of Strategic Business Development at LexisNexis Business Insight Solutions. Just days after recording our latest musings last week on the challenges and opportunities surrounding big-small data, with multiple references to Facebook and their attempts to counter fake news, the Guardian broke the […]

The Difference Between Earned Influence and Paid Promotion

Digital influencer marketing is becoming a blunt instrument Reliable measures of return on investment have always been one of the biggest challenges of marketing and PR. It is now more than 100 years since US marketing man John Wanamaker said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know […]

Here’s a Phrase We Don’t Say Often: Donald Trump May Be onto Something

This is the third in a series of blog posts for Measurement Month. A key component of Donald Trump’s campaign strategy has been to dominate in traditional media, as a means to boost his electoral prospects. It proved to be effective during the primary campaign. But when he secured the nomination in June, many wondered […]