Is Ghost Blogging Like Speechwriting? A Survey of Practitioners About the Ethics of Ghost Blogging

Gallicano, Tiffany D., Brett, Kevin, & Hopp, Toby (2013). Is ghost blogging like speechwriting? A survey of practitioners about the ethics of ghost blogging. Public Relations Journal, 7(3), 1-41.  SummaryAlthough online practices such as astroturfing have been established as unethical, considerable debate exists in the public relations community about whether organizational ghost blogging is ethical. […]

Tiffany Gallicano: Strategies for Cultivating Personal Relationships

I want to thank the Institute for Public Relations and EUPRERA for the opportunity to share my research. This blog post describes the potential applications of the research I conducted. In a recent discussion, Shel Holtz wrote, “People listen to each other these days more than organizations.” In addition, I conducted a study and found […]