The Three Pillars of PR Education in the Future

Attempting to write about the future of education in our field is a pretty daunting task, but one I am happy to tackle because of my enthusiasm for the topic. I’ve had the good fortune of working on a number of educational initiatives at the university and national level, and I enjoy a broad network […]

Marketing Envy and Other MBA Reflections

The second semester of my MBA experience at SMU’s Cox School of Business included marketing, decision modeling, cost accounting, microeconomics, and, well, a big dose of quantitative envy.  Good thing I enjoy crunching numbers, but all this analysis underscored for me some challenges – and opportunities – we have as corporate communicators. We’re not alone […]

Observations of a First-Semester MBA Student

I’ve been a long-time proponent of business education for public relations majors, and this year I took the ultimate dive and became an MBA student myself.  That’s right: In addition to chairing Communication Studies at SMU, I’m also an Executive MBA candidate in our Cox School of Business.  Why would I do such a thing?  […]

Teaching Business as a Second Language

I’m in the midst of a great pedagogical adventure.  I’m teaching the language of business to public relations majors.  I began my career as a financial analyst in the oil industry.  When I later transitioned into public relations and studied it as a grad student, I noticed how my business background frequently put me in […]

Part I- The Role of Public Relations in Conscious Capitalism

In their 2013 book, Conscious Capitalism, Whole Foods Co-CEO John Mackey and Conscious Capitalism, Inc. co-founder Raj Sisodia discuss how the prosperity creating marvels of capitalism are so often misunderstood, maligned, or narrowly defined.  We who choose to devote our livelihoods to public relations can well relate to these same frustrations.  Whether practitioner or educator […]

Part II- The Second Tenet of Conscious Capitalism: Stakeholder Integration

In a previous post (see The Role of Public Relations in Conscious Capitalism), I introduced the four tenets of conscious capitalism as outlined by Whole Foods Co-CEO John Mackey and Conscious Capitalism, Inc. co-founder Raj Sisodia in their 2013 book, Conscious Capitalism.  There, I discussed the role of public relations in helping organizations enact the […]