Bill Paarlberg with David Geddes

David Geddes on the Value of Measurement Standards

First published in The Measurement Standard, this is an interview by Editor Bill Paarlberg with David Geddes, Managing Director of Geddes Analytics and past Chair of the IPR Measurement Commission of the Institute for Public Relations. He is Chair of the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards, the group of industry leaders that have developed standards for the measurement of public relations.   […]

Institute for Public Relations

IPR Leaders Honored for Contributions to Research and Education in Journalism and Communication

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Frank Ovaitt, president and CEO of the Institute for Public Relations (IPR), and Don Stacks, Ph.D., IPR trustee and chair of the Measurement Commission, received top awards this week at the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) in Montreal, underscoring the contributions of public relations to the […]

Global Best-in-Class Employee Communications Research

 “Public relations should start within a company,” is a philosophy shared among companies considered globally ‘best-in-class,’ according to Colleen Learch, Vice President of KRC Research. This is a preliminary finding Learch highlighted after interviewing 10 global companies on their global employee communication practices. Learch presented her initial takeaways on behalf of the IPR’s Commission on […]

Public Relations: A Brain-Based Perspective

Viewing public relations through a brain-based perspective allows practitioners to gain rich insights into how our publics make decisions on an issue. In order to influence key stakeholders, we must understand that they generally make their decisions quickly and based off emotions. Professor Baba Shiv from the Stanford Graduate School of Business explained how practitioners […]