Sarab Kochar

Making Measurement Mainstream: AMEC 2015

The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation in Communication (AMEC) Summit held its annual meeting last week in Stockholm. The theme of the conference was, ‘Winning the Game’ with speaker presentations, panels, debates, discussions, questions, and ideas on “making measurement mainstream” (a phrase used by Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Communications for the UK Government). […]

Sarab Kochar

Digital Platforms: More Relevant, Robust and Rewarding

The proliferating digital platforms are at the heart of today’s global economy. According to a study by Adobe, 66% of marketers feel digital is critical to their company’s success and yet less than half feel highly proficient in digital marketing. The European Union will announce a wide-ranging probe into how big technology companies such as […]

Sarab Kochar

IPR Presents Latest Research at Symposium in Hong Kong

Among the multiple roles IPR plays in supporting research, sharing research-based knowledge is central to its mission. Each year the IPR Board of Trustees participates in our annual research symposium in New York to review and discuss research that matters to the practice. With special thanks to our sponsors (AIA Group, Burson-Marsteller and Taylor Bennett […]

Top Ten Public Relations Research Insights of 2014 from the IPR Board of Trustees

IPR’s Director of Research Dr. Sarab Kochhar worked together with the IPR Board of Trustees to compile the Top 10 Research Insights of 2014. For the first annual edition of the Top Ten Research Insights for 2014, the IPR Board carefully selected from a range of topics. The Board comprised of accomplished professionals and leading academics, chose these ten studies based on […]

Sarab Kochar

Future of PR and Communications in a Big Data World

With each discussion around ‘Big Data’, the term gets redefined and its importance in business processes and outcome reaffirmed each time. But this blog post is neither to define what Big Data is nor to recognize the importance of Big Data in the business world. My post summarizes a recent study of Big Data practitioners […]

Sarab Kochar

Media Coverage of an Organization in Crisis and Its Impact on Employees

What is the impact of media coverage of an organization on its employees? Does the impact increase at the time of an organizational crisis? Recent research shows that employees are affected by media coverage on a critical issue about their employer and the effects may vary based on three factors. Interviews of employees from 14 […]