Creativity: Managing it with PR Professionals

Creativity is a means to make order out of chaos. In PR and other areas of organizational communication, a creative solution may seek to establish dissonance within a public (e.g., a need in people’s lives is not being met when they thought it was), and there is a great way to achieve harmony in their […]

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Even Cell Phones Need Recharging. Why Not You?

What’s one topic that can be overlooked as an important matter to career success? Leisure! The value of leisure is very high, and that is why people look so fondly toward the weekend. But realize, too, that weekends alone are not usually enough. One recent study published in Current Psychiatry Reports chronicles the great prevalence […]

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The Corporate Narrative, as Told by Employees

We humans are different from other critters in the world in at least one way: We have a natural capacity to create, use, and misuse language and symbols. (Thanks to Kenneth Burke for this insight.) This capacity for “symbolicity” carries with it a great responsibility to follow the rules for effective language and symbol use […]

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Internal Public Relations – Family First

Family comes first. Within an organization, this idea is true, too. Organizations can include anyone within their definitions of “family.” Moreover, organizations are not only those that qualify as “corporations.” A company’s family could include employees, retirees, business partners, and shareholders. A nonprofit organization’s family could include volunteers, paid staff, and donors. And a professional […]

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Multigenerational workforce in PR adds value, right?

Look up “employee engagement” online at a bookseller, and you will likely find a numerous selection of volumes. Topics range from branding to productivity, from psychology to leadership. One topic recently caught my attention, as it seems to have become more relevant: generational differences in gaining employee engagement. It of course has relevance to PR, […]

Employees as Ambassadors and their Effect on Corporate Reputation

Employees are ambassadors of their employers. That idea of “ambassadorship” isn’t really new, and it is much more literal than figurative. Employees (and, really, members of any organization) are insiders who represent their employers to people outside the company’s walls. That insider status makes employees authoritative and authentic communicators about their employers. So the natural […]

A Genre Perspective on Public Relations Message Design

We maintain that the day-to-day creation of messages are epideictic in character, celebrating the organization and its values, and inviting publics to join in that epideictic moment through shared values. In our paper, we will offer positive and negative examples, covering the broad range of public relations writing conventions and the vital connection between discourse […]