Trends in Internal Communication: Generational Shifts, Internal Social Media & Engagement

As Millennials continue to enter the workforce and begin to assume management roles, Baby Boomers are retiring. These generational shifts demand internal communication professionals make major adjustments in how they communicate. Millennials are expected to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025 (Deloitte, 2014), and according to internal communicators I interviewed, they have different communication […]

Who Is Responsible for What? Examining Strategic Roles in Social Media Management

Neill, Marlene S., & Moody, Mia (2015). Who is responsible for what? Examining strategic roles in social media management, Public Relations Review, 41 (1), 109-118. Summary This study examined the strategic roles and responsibilities associated with social media management through the lens of role theory. The authors identified nine strategic roles and the associated responsibilities […]