Rules for Wikipedia Editing for Public Relations

Determining how to best handle Wikipedia entries when you are in public relations remains challenging. Wikipedia articles continue to load at the top in search results as Wikipedia remains the sixth most popular website in the world. This makes it a site not to be ignored, and the impact of Wikipedia can be especially profound […]

There’s Improvement, but Problems with Wikipedia’s Bright Line Rule Continue

Wikipedia and public relations professionals have a long history. Since at least 2006, Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, has asked public relations professionals to follow the “bright line” rule and make requests for changes to their company or client’s Wikipedia page through “Talk” pages instead of directly editing. In 2012, I conducted a survey of […]

Wikipedia and PR – Deciding what to do just got more difficult

The issue of public relations professionals editing Wikipedia is back in the spotlight following an article that accused BP of “rewriting environmental record on Wikipedia.” For years now, Wikipedia has asked public relations professionals not to directly edit articles of their company or clients. This is because they believe that public relations professionals have a […]

Forced transparency: Corporate image on Wikipedia and what it means for public relations

DiStaso, Marcia W., & Messner, Marcus (2010).  Forced transparency:  Corporate image on Wikipedia and what it means for public relations. Public Relations Journal, 4(2), 1-23. Collaboratively edited information on social media that circumvents traditional media gatekeepers poses a challenge to public relations professionals. The online encyclopedia Wikipedia gives anyone the opportunity to shape the public […]

Should Public Relations Professionals be Allowed to Edit Wikipedia Articles?

To explore current public relations/communications practices with Wikipedia, I’m conducting a survey sponsored by the Arthur W. Page Center. My goal is to explore current engagement with Wikipedia and identify what changes are necessary. I started researching Wikipedia in 2006 with Marcus Messner, Virginia Commonwealth University, and we have been arguing for years that public […]