Contributions to Education: Exploring the Work of the Commission for Public Relations Education

Since 1975, the Commission for Public Relations Education (CPRE) has been at the forefront of public relations education through publication of research-based recommendations identified by an independent body of public relations educators and practitioners. Today, the CPRE is comprised of 65 academics and professionals representing universities, organizations, and associations, including representatives from: Arthur W. Page […]

The Evolution of Social Media Research

Marcia DiStaso, Ph.D. and director of the Social Media Research Center, reflects on the development of social media research in honor of IPR’s 60th Anniversary.  In 2006, MySpace was the most popular social networking site in the United States. Facebook had fewer than one million users, and few organizations realized the potential impact of social media. A couple years […]

Exploring the Policies of Blogger Product Endorsements

Walden, Justin, Bortree, Denise and DiStaso, Marcia. (2015). This blog brought to you by … exploring blogger perceptions of a product endorsement policy and reviews. Journal of Communication Management, 19(3), 1-17. Summary This study investigates how bloggers produce product reviews and their views on the quality of their relationship with firms that pitch products for […]

Managing a Health Crisis on Facebook: How the Response Strategies of Apology, Sympathy, and Information Influence Public Relations

DiStaso, Marcia Watson, Vafeiadis, Michail, & Amaral, Chelsea (2014). Managing a health crisis on Facebook: How the response strategies of apology, sympathy, and information influence public relations. Public Relations Review, 41(1), 222-231. Summary This study investigated what response strategies are the most effective on Facebook in the wake of a health crisis. Overall, it was […]

Becoming a Data Scientist

Few would debate the value of data-driven insights in public relations, but many question what this actually means. In April 2015, at the Page Society Spring Seminar, Jack Welch said data is a tool, and like any other tool, it “has the capacity to be valuable only if it is applied with strategic purpose toward […]

What You Should Know About Location-Based Services

This is a blog post sponsored by the Social Science for Social Media Research Center at the Institute for Public Relations. Toward the end of 2014, I had the opportunity to spend a week with Asif Khan, founder and president of the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA), as part of the Arthur W. Page Center/Robert […]

New Wikipedia Manual for PR Professionals

Wikipedia has a guideline that strongly discourages public relations and communications professionals from editing articles about their company or clients.  While this guideline has been in place for many years, my research found that few public relations professionals are familiar with it and even less understand how to handle Wikipedia. In February 2014, I was […]

Ethical Social Media in PR

Ethical Practice of Social Media in Public Relations

Navigating social media ethically can be especially challenging since the tools keep changing and companies are constantly faced with staying current, entertaining, and engaged. These challenges were what led Denise Bortree and I to edit the book Ethical Practice of Social Media in Public Relations. Our goal was to work with scholars to provide research […]

Multi-Agency Commitment to Follow Wikipedia Rules

Wikipedia and the field of public relations have long had a challenging relationship. As one of the top websites in the world, Wikipedia plays a large role in defining and shaping corporate reputations. Unfortunately, due to bad actors over the years, Wikipedia has a policy that requires public relations and communications professionals to go through […]

Top Social Media Research Studies for PR

Top 10 Social Media Research Studies for Public Relations Professionals

Fifty-six percent of executives say digital engagement with customers is at least a top-ten company priority, according to a study by McKinsey & Company. The study is one of 10 in the Institute for Public Relations’ “Top 10 Social Media Research Studies for Public Relations Professionals for the Second Half of 2013.” The compilation was […]